HTC Came out of the Disastrous First Quarter

The result for the first quarter of 2013 were surprisingly bad for HTC.

Year first quarter was almost a 2013s disaster for HTC. Earnings were the lowest since 2006, writes our site with source in the Wall Street Journal.

After tax profits fell 98.1 percent to 85 million Taiwan dollars, equivalent to about 15 million Danish kroner.

Turnover fell 36.9 per cent to 42.8 Tdollar. HTC’s own forecast stood at 50-60 billion. Tdollars.

Analysts expect that HTC can rectify the poor result in the second quarter, when HTC One begins to sell all over the world.

HTC has been missing camera components for One, which is seen as a part of the blame for denmanglede income. HTC’s market share was 4.6 per cent globally in 2012 against 8.8 per cent in 2011.