HTC Grip Fitness Band

The HTC Grip is an advanced fitness band with quantization functions but without any remarkable novelty

What had been waiting for months and finally HTC has unveiled its first wearable that, as we suspected, there is a smartwatch but a fitness band. The HTC Grip is the first foray of the Taiwanese firm in the emerging market for wearable technology, but unfortunately its format or features add nothing to what we had so far.

The HTC Grip has been developed together with the company Under Armour, a company specializing in sportswear and accessories for high-level athletes company. HTC hopes that this partnership will serve to get a good place in the world of fitness, though certainly not noted any features on the rest of SmartBand and fitness band that already carry some time on the market.

Starting with its design, and we see a prototypical format of this SmartBand: shaped bracelet made rough inner rubber to achieve complete with exercise and a small rectangular screen setting. It is a PMOLED 1.8-inch screen with a resolution of 32 × 160 pixels, something that gives us a clue to the kind of information that we will see reflected in it.

The real weapon of this HTC Grip is its partnership with Under Armour and integration with the Record application developed by the same company. The SmartBand has up to 5 sensors for complete monitoring of our activity though surprised at the lack of a sensor HR-rate, with ability to differentiate between different types of sports such as athletics and cycling. And thanks to the incorporation of GPS native, the HTC Grip can calculate our routes and allow us to go jogging can leave your smartphone at home.

The HTC Grip multi-sport will have a way to differentiate between different types of training

Integration with software Under Armour allow the wearable is also able to send recommendations on how to improve our training , new exercise routines and techniques did not know. Of course, we will find other typical functions such as step count and calories burned or track our sleep cycles, among others. The HTC Grip also be able to show notifications we receive on our smartphone on your screen.

These are the technical specifications complete the HTC Grip:

  • Screen 1.8 “PMOLED, with a resolution of 32 × 160 pixels
  • SoC de 32 bits STM32L151
  • 16MB de memoria flash, 8MB de memoria SRAM
  • 100mAh battery that provides up to 5 hours of battery life with GPS or two and a half days non-sporting use
  • GPS, gyroscope, compass, ambient light sensor
  • Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 Low Power
  • Load cable
  • Vibration
  • IP57 certified water and dust resistant
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 onwards and IOS 7 onwards

The company promises a range of 2.5 with a passive use of the device and 5 hours when using the GPS location. Perhaps in this aspect it is missing more than 100 mAh battery storage a very fair considering the potential uses of the device.In addition, the loading time HTC Grip is not much better, 90 minutes.

HTC Grip prices and availability

The first wearable HTC 10 cell phone will be available for $ 199, identical to the Microsoft Band price, and will be available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The standard color is the blue / lime green we see in the promotional images.

As for availability, the company has not confirmed release date at the moment, but we can start making our orders this spring through the page of HTC or other authorized distributors in the United States.