HTC Is No Longer “Quietly Brilliant”

Since 2009, HTC had the slogan “Quietly Brilliant”, but it is over now-a new marketing strategy is on the way.

HTC has announced that they will drop their “quietly brilliant” slogan. HTC will try to catch the attention of new customers and revive relations with previous HTC-users. It has Benjamin Ho, CMO of HTC, told the Wall Street Journal.

-“HTC is good at innovation, but we have not been good enough to tell about it and draw attention to it,” says Benjamin Ho from HTC.

HTC is approaching, therefore a new marketing strategy that will make it up with “quietly brilliant”, which was introduced back in 2009. There is not just something new slogan ready to replace the old. HTC has, however, been more aggressive in their marketing, which among other things was seen in their “anti-Galaxy S 4 campaign”.