HTC One-the Real One (Mobile Test)

TEST: This is perhaps the most interesting Android smartphone product in recent memory. HTC One is “the only one”-fantastic well done.

HTC has moved tremendously this past year or so. Products HTC One X (and One X +) and HTC One S showed that the Taiwanese producer, still has a little innovation to shoot with.

In relation to how the market looked a year ago, there was talk about really good products-but it is not, as some have moved the HTC’s market share significantly.

HTC’s development team has held a major housecleaning, sent old design layouts on pension and created something completely new, who gets himself in-Fanboys, to wake up.

Welcome to a great product, HTC One!

Out with plastic

No matter how you turn marketing words so is still plastic polycarbonate. The material has good qualities;impact-resistant, durable, scratches are easier to hide, low weight, and so on. But there is just a different sense of stainless steel, aluminium and glass – materials that appeals to our Nordic design heart.

Thanks to HTC to ditch plastic in favor of a unibody in metal and a balanced design expression, that brings the HTC right up among the best on the market. I maintain that Apple can something with design – the same could Nokia with particularly the black version of Lumia 800, and now stamps HTC also into this category.

There are indications that Android phones generally get better designs. No doubt that both the Nexus 4, LG Optimus G and Sony Xperia Z all have good designs and sumptuous materials, but HTC One is just a tad better.

The phone is incredibly good in the hand, among other things because of the slightly curved back (pillow-design) – and then cuts the not in the ear by conversation. Only downside is the fact that mobile lashes if you want to write on it while it lies flat on a table.

Huge cleanup in HTC Sense

HTC One runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and with interface HTC Sense 5.0 added on. Compared to previous versions, have the HTC Sense had started in a “kill your darlings”-project.

Clock and weather widget is completely redesigned, HTC’s own Facebook experience, Friend Stream, is dropped, in addition the application menu aligned in a VERY positive direction. In addition, there is a big pile of other smadetaljer.

All in all, HTC has gone from a “we want everything” – totally messy experience, to a much more simple and streamlined style. It is also underlined by the fact that there are only three home screens from sales enabled the box where HTC Blinkfeed is the most prominent.

There are also optimized at the Setup procedure, which is among the very best on the market. The user experience of the product is really good, right from the start.

The only thing I miss is that topgardinet be better exploited. URF.eks. with shortcuts for WiFi, Bluetooth, lydprofiler, etc., such as known from LG and Samsung’s products.

Current content at your finger tips

HTC Blinkfeed is the big novelty of HTC Sense 5.0. Here comes the news, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter updates, directly onto the front page. In addition, a measurement for information on calendar appointments to the top in the morning.

The content selector the user individually within different subject categories. At launch there are over 1,400 international partners with in Blinkfeed, but no Danish – yet. HTC says that working on getting local content made available. Yet there is not a known date for the launch of this.

Blinkfeed looks delicious out, works well and provides inspiration for reading content, not necessarily otherwise have seen.

I am looking forward to the Danish content, but think it’s too bad that users cannot add URf.eks. own RSS feeds to the list-or de-activate Blinkfeed completely.


Big rich sound

Mobile speakers are almost always a crazy bad audio experience. Here have been the only iPhone and iPad devices, which have been able to provide a fairly reasonable sound quality of the built-in speakers.

HTC One has a really good sound from the two stereo speakers that sit on the front. So when One is on the table or in a couch, choking sound does not. On the other hand, blocking the sound part of the hands, if that be played game requiring two handed operation.

Beat Audio is also a part of the music on this phone. It gives an extra boost, especially when using a headset.

Conversation quality, both on the phone and Bluetooth headset, is really good, tall and full-bodied. HTC has added noise reduction (using dual microphones) and the phone automatically adjusts the volume up and down, depending on the opgivelsernes noise.

HTC One using so-called HDR mic to capture a broader spectrum of sound, at URf.eks. recording sound. But since other producers do not declare their data around the microphones, this is difficult to say so strongly opposed, albeit probably not damage, putting good microphones in the products.

In the sales package is an in-ear headset that plays surprisingly well. It has red Dutton on, and thus resembles a Beats-headset, which it is not.

I am impressed by the sound of HTC One, in all situations, delivers a terrific performance.

So-called Ultrapixels — not megapixels

The best camera is always the camera you have with. That is precisely why it is pleasant, when the quality of this is good.

HTC One has a camera that takes pictures in 4 megapixels resolution, but the sensor uses so-called Ultrapixels. One pixel (Ultrapixel) covers an area twice as large as the typical pixels there are in URf.eks. an 8 megapixel camera.

This means that each pixel can capture much more light than is the case usually on cameras in smartphones. Compared with a 13 megapixel camera in competing smartphones, takes Ultrapixel-300 percent more light into the sensor.

In addition, the aperture (aperture) at F2.0 is the largest aperture available on smartphones, according to HTC. It takes 44 percent more light than iPhone 5s camera.

On top of all this must be added optical beetle destabilization (2,000 Hz), which counteracts the shaking – and particularly in dark environment, it provides sharper images. HTC has also made extra out of the picture-the chip and after the processing of the image.

All in all, a very impressive work around the camera portion.

Are the pictures good?

No matter how HTC in their marketing presents the camera so it doesn’t change the fact that the photo in the end, just has to be good, but, of course, have the fewest needs 13 megapixels because pixels not only ensures good pictures.

I have taken many photos in various situations, and the result is not always impressed – far from it. There must not be zoomed right in on a photo (not very much over 100%) before showing up noise in the image.

By bright light, manages the technique not even that adjust the light down, which can mean an illuminated photo. Set the exposure manually to-2 will be the result, however, the better. This problem was seen also on Nokia Lumia 920.

Sometimes the phone is also relatively slow to focus on your subject. However, it is possible to do good macro shots, with sharp foreground and blurry background.

Pictures taken with the HTC One is not perfect, but I think HTC may adjust in software around the camera in future updates.

No doubt that HTC One has better opportunities to take good pictures in low light, in relation to its competitors, but to go all the way down on the four megapixels, is perhaps in the bottom edge. Overall – good images for general use, but One is not a “camera monster”.

Video recording is done in full HD and with the possibility of genfokusere to the subject while recording reels, just by selecting a new focus point on the screen. This is a pretty good feature.

HTC Zoe – marketing?

HTC One can make so-called Zoe-shots – small mini video footage consisting of 20 images. It provides vivid moments in the Gallery, and make maybe that moment is remembered better.

Subsequent can phone out from events that it itself has categorized, create small fast but efficient slideshows combining photos, videos and Zoe-shots. It looks fat out, and gives an extra dimension of images and experiences – the name for this is Zoe Highlights. The result can be exported and shared on URf.eks. mail.

I’m not convinced as to whether this is useful in everyday life, other than for fun, but I met some people who think it was wildly cool.

When Zoe is used, it also means many standalone photos in memory on the phone. If you are using URf.eks. Dropbox to automatically transfer images to your computer, you get a large amount of single photos – irritated, but also a plus since you can pick one photo out of a Zoe-shot.

Zoe-shots can also be shared via HTC Share, which makes the material available online for up to 180 days.

HTC has a variety of editing functions, which is pretty cool. URF.eks. can faces in a photo-aligned with contours, lighting conditions, eyes, etc., It is in some photos, if they are taken with Zoe, the ability to remove objects in the image. It works, but the feature is not quite optimal.

All in all, Zoe fun showing off. I doubt, however, that it is a feature you really going to use pretty much every day.

Good battery life

HTC One is one of the HTC phones I’ve tested that keeps best on the battery. It runs easily through a whole day, and power-saving function (can be switched on and off) works quite excellent.

Battery is at 2,300 mAh.

Your phone can automatically de-enable data connection when it has not been used for a longer period of time. And are you running Exchange mails can Smart sync used – the more often you go into your Inbox the more often retrieves the new mails. The teacher, therefore by your behaviour. Regular push mail is also available. Mail experience is in øvigt among the very best on the smartphone market right now. And so are keyboard and dictionary spot-on!

In screen sleep mode can be selected between the usual 15 seconds to 10 minutes, but in the HTC One is the function “Automatic sleep mode” a novelty.

The function expands the display standby time before it automatically goes into sleep mode. If you URf.eks. is HTC One down flat on the table or it is with the back up, so by default, the timer is set to 15 seconds, but if you then begin to touch and move the HTC One, it will automatically extend the timer to 60 seconds.

If you keep your HTC One in a position of more than 30 to less than 150 degrees, so the timer will automatically be extended to 60 seconds, which is pretty smart, if you sit still and read an article.


Full power all the way around

This smartphone is equipped with some of the most current hardware on the market. The screen is 4.7 “with 468 PPI as well as Full HD 1080 p resolution, and with a really good viewing angle. Regardless of how the phone is held, stands the image clearly.

The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 a quad-core type on 1.7 GHz.

Along with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory (non-expandable) and the latest Wi-Fi standards and not at least 4 g that works on all major Danish networks, we are talking about a thoroughbred-art smartphone that responds immediately when asked.

One is also really effective for internet pages, and the automatic adaptation of the text to the screen width, depending on the zoom level is incredibly brilliant. In addition, HTC has the currently best mail application to Exchange e-mails, seen in relation to the other top models on Android.

HTC One or the other?

HTC One is in competition with three other very strong products, and there is not a clear answer on whether it should be one or the other.

I think Sony Xperia Z is a powerful phone, but it is the LG Optimus G and Samsung Galaxy S 4 specific also.The level is really high this spring.

HTC One is overall, in the price range around 5,000 dollars, a better product than Sony Xperia z. But Optimus G also keeps all the way, especially because of the low price of approximately 3,500 SEK.

HTC One has the best design, over all. If the saw is better than Samsung Galaxy S 4, we can only say later, when S 4 lander to test.


Conclusion: New smartphone, new standard

HTC One is one of the finest, if not the finest product in HTC’s history. One is an excellent smartphone, on operation, software and innovative design, manages to set new standard in the Android category.

I will be quite warm inside when not constantly must contend with bumps on the road – but instead will appreciate how well the smart phone functions.

The sound is excellent, in conversation as well as in your speaker, as well as music playback. The screen is great detail and the little dispute that the infrared port allows you, via HTC TV, to use the phone as a remote for a flat screen, brings the smile forward.

HTC Sense with Blinkfeed and cleanup in HTC’s previous Android layouts, has created a phone that at once is both classic and modern, approachable.

Overall, i have no doubt that the HTC One is “the only one” and a top rated phone. 6 out of 6 stars.

The price is very high, just below the 5,000 dollars without subscription. But it is also a phone, perhaps the only one in the expensive end of the Android category, which are all worth the money.


-Screen, sound, battery life
-Notification diode


-Images are not quite in the top