Huawei Mate 8 and Nexus 6 p Gold: Unboxing from CES Las Vegas 2016

Huawei has presented new smartphones at CES 2016, for the Mate 8 has in fact been a simple opening to other markets after the initial debut in China. We’ve already met briefly during our visit in their headquarters in Shenzhen, but now we can look into that since they have just come into possession.

Life at CES is so busy that there was no time even to unpack the newcomers, in plural, because together with the Mate 8 also came a Nexus 6 p Gold for ‘ it, waiting at least 45 minutes to reward us first of all before the doors of the press conference. So we decided to doa quick unboxing and show you what is inside the packaging, although for the Nexus won’t be much of a surprise since it’s already available for months. The packaging of Mate 8 is certainly more prepared, so much of in-ear earphones included, Crystal and the packaging of the Nexus is a bit more Spartan in comparison.

We will take advantage of this situation to talk in more detail about these two top range, theoretically different but sons of the same basic idea. As soon as you lay at the side, it’s easy to see similarities in shell, details, details and materials, virtually identical in some places.

We will let you know more in the coming days, now we will begin to use them to show you the differences, with photos and videos that will post incessantly on the Live Blog.

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