Huawei Matebook in First Test

The Matebook Huawei at MWC has demonstrated with his first 2-in-1 model with 10 Windows, which can be used as both a Tablet and notebook. connect a before series device could already take in hand, here is a first test.

The 6.9 millimetre ultra thin 12-incher puts in a fine aluminum unibody and plays with technically far top: IPS-LCD shows the Huawei Matebook 2,160 x 1,440 pixels, an Intel-Skylake processor (M3 or M5) drives on the Windows System. A lateral fingerprint sensor, the display in a matter of seconds can unlock are.

With the extra flat aluminium housing, the Matebook reminds us more of the iPad Pro as on Microsoft’s surface – design and processing are absolute top class. Also the narrow border around the display helps, which is only a scarce centimeters wide. In the industry, which is record breaking.

4430 mAh powerful battery to guarantee a duration of 10 hours during normal office duties after statements made by Huawei. A quick charge function, the Matebook can be fueled again fully in 2.5 hours. The manufacturer has also implemented a smart voltage regulation: In tablet mode, the battery lasts longer, is stronger in laptop mode.

So that the device can be used as a laptop, Huawei provides various Tastaturcases made of synthetic leather. The material may be a matter of taste, but undeniably is the high suitability for everyday use. Although the case is very flat, the buttons have a pleasantly large hub. Also a lighting which adapts automatically to the ambient light is integrated. When writing the screen can be angled two-stage.

Accessories and price

Especially liked the high-precision stylus that detects 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and thus allows even the finest shadings has given us. He does not belong to the scope of delivery, should be available to the market launch in the summer for 70 euro but parallel. Also the keyboard cover is available only separately for 149 euros. You remember already: a Matebook with full equipment is not cheap. The one dough er variant with M3 processor, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD will cost 800 euro, the premium version with M5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD even 1150 euro. But the iPad Pro, that because it runs IOS, limited for productive use is already alone and can replace a desktop system, will start at 900 euro. Huawei put together an attractive package here so even if one adds the extra charge for cover and stylus.