Huawei ShotX in the Test

Huawei presents the first Smartphone with rotating camera with the ShotX. But brings the newcomer next to Selfie fans also enthusiast to the Galatea? We have tested the Smartphone.

It was only a matter of time before a Smartphone manufacturer would assume the trendy subject of Selfies in particular. Huawei with the ShotX for 349 euro (RRP) has now secured the title “Selfie King”. The Android-5.1.1 model can come up with a 180-degree rotating camera unit and fulfilled the dreams of all Selfshot fetishists who have wanted has always been a particularly good image quality for their own portraits.

Rotating camera

A clever solution, but the mechanics of the test unit had already some game – just a duration test can clarify how this looks in more common use after one year of operation,.

Is folded forward, the camera automatically starts the Selfie mode and offers a beautifying function with which you can retouch the image, also make up for the virtual makeup. Also the fingerprint can serve as trigger, what is really handy in everyday life.


The 13 megapixel camera shoots good images in good light conditions. in low light, the quality, such as for smartphones decreases usual, clearly. The equipment can be seen with brisk auto focus and dual Flash with different color temperatures.

Also occur on the software side, the ShotX has a lot to offer. So there are various modes, about for HDR and panoramas, also a total focus recording, in which the focus range can be set after the recording. The camera’s menu has more possibilities of adjustment.

Clever solution: Fingerprint on the page

The Smartphone is available in white and gold, and seems quite ordinary, but not overwhelming at first contact haptically. The plastic housing is correctly processed and has a pretty metal surround. However, the somewhat rough frame survives front as rear light which results in a slightly unpleasant feeling in the control of the ShotX.

Two clean recessed slots are on the right side of the unit. Of which one is run as a hybrid variant and accepts either a second SIM card or alternatively a micro-SD memory card contrary to. Huawei’s ShotX is to use so as a true dual-SIM Smartphone. The Hybridslot itself but only on GSM wireless LTE is reserved for the main card.

Striking: In the left side of the device, Huawei has also integrated a fingerprint, what is truly not self-evident in this price class. The arrangement of the sensor is really clever, because so can you unlock your phone very easily with one hand with the left thumb or the right index finger – depending on which hand is the good piece just. This works directly from the standby mode out – when the tester always reliably and error-free.

Features at the middle level

But not only in the fingerprint, Huawei is reflected in party mood, even when choosing the IPS display, there is nothing to criticize. So, the ShotX has a full-HD display lush therefor with 5.2 inches on the diagonal, which provides a brilliant presentation of the content and can convince with 428 cd / m2 also in terms of beam power line…

Not bad parents the middle platform 616 Qualcomm Snapdragon is also. The 64-bit unit MSM8939 waits with eight cores fast up to 1.5 GHz and memory is supported by rich 2 gigabytes. The freely available for the owners of internal memory was only somewhat scarce 9 GB the test device. The ShotX in the dual-SIM operation is used, you must conserve with the square.

The remaining hardware equipment is also moving to middle level. Everything important is available – about LTE, HSPA + and Bluetooth, but usually not in the latest stage of development. So you have to settle for the ShotX with LTE Cat4, WLAN b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. NFC is missing completely. In everyday life, this is certainly less tragic than at the be spotting in the connect-laboratory test

Simple condition, strong in the laboratory

Convince the in-house user interface can emotion UI 3.1, which allows intuitive operation with beautiful icons. Only the abandonment of the main menu takes some getting to start. For this, you can sort its apps on the main levels in multiple folders to keep track. House of all sorts of goodies such as a flashlight, a mirror and a magnifying glass can be found in the specified folder ‘Tools’. Even an FM radio has the ShotX on board.

The ShotX shows that the Huawei engineers at all Selfie hype have kept the important basic functions of smartphones in the eye, in the laboratory. Here, the device delivered a flawless performance and caused a period of seven hours in display mode and talk times of nearly 25 hours in the GSM and 8:40 hours in the UMTS usage for good results. The remaining measurements was the ShotX on the height and delivered a clean acoustic measurement and transmission strong by the Bank and reception properties.


This great overall performance and strong 420 points, the ShotX not only for Selfie fans is a very interesting phone. The round equipment with good camera, the fine display and the impeccable readings make the Huawei ShotX an interesting ALLROUNDER.