Huawei Watch New Release

Huawei delayed the launch of its smartwatch by problems with the operation of Google services in China

One of the most anticipated Android Wear smartwatch is undoubtedly the Huawei Watch, announced at the MWC Barcelona past and scheduled for an uncertain date to the end of the summer. However, now we have been able to know through Droid Life information that Huawei would have delayed the launch of its smartwatch by problems with the operation of services of Google in China.

As already anticipated in the analysis of the Huawei Watch specifications, the device will feature Android Wear, whose control is completely in the hands of Google, and it is precisely here where you would find the problem. Apparently, some Google services are not available in China, so it is rumored that the company could be trying to create two versions of the smartwatch, one for China and one for the rest of the world.

For this reason, expected that the Huawei Watch does not reach the market until the month of September or October at the earliest. Certainly the Chinese firm should not you delay in excess release of your device, as other very expected smartwatch as the rumored Samsung Gear A circular rotating bezel is expected for these same dates, as well as 360 2 motorcycle or the first TAG Heuer smartwatch.

Although this information has not yet been proven by other means, we have also received news about the possible price that could have the smartwatch. Some initial rumors claimed that its price could shoot due to the use of premium materials such as stainless steel or Sapphire Crystal, although now MobileFun filters the possible prices of the smartwatch something more affordable.

Huawei Watch could cost $387 in their version of black and silver, and 451 dollars Gold version

In this way, the black and silver of the clock versions could cost about $ 387, while model in gold color – that would not made of gold – by us 451 dollars. Certainly true become the smartwatch Android Wear more expensive market awaiting that luxury TAG Heuer model take the post.

As we read in BGR, Huawei Watch bet on a classic and elegant design, away from lines that they can make doubts that we face a real clock. If you want to know our impressions of the device, in the MWC in Barcelona we were able to have a first contact with him.

Do you think about the so-called price?