Infant Pajamas with Mittens

Traditionally, associated purchases of layette with slippers!

The imagery associated with the layette is almost always these famous shoes, you can even find whole books dedicated to them.

And yet…

All moms know, slippers are finally relatively little because the baby has constantly to remove!

However, the mythical garment of the dressing of all babies, the most updated part 6 months, most useful buying finally remains unquestionably Pajamas.

Easy to find, but not so easy to choose!

Expectant mothers may need to unravel the mystery of motherhood that require 6 “onesies”, without more details.

The onesie is just still and always pajamas, others call it also sleep well.

What criteria hold for the choice of his first Pajamas (and the following!)

* Organic cotton is a no-brainer.

Cotton is a natural material that offers unparalleled comfort, as infants regulate still hurt their heat.

The fact that it is organic guarantees that it has been grown without pesticides, no risk of getting into the fabric.

Organic cotton is also very sweet, it is ideal for a garment door to the skin.

But at the risk of disappointing, the fact that the pyjamas in organic cotton is not enough!

It is necessary to ensure treatment suffered by between harvest and… cotton pajamas, namely dye mainly.

If the garment is carrying no label (Gots and Okotex), only the information given by the manufacturer can tell you.

Track of composition labels, all the Pajamas, including brands, contain at least 20% polyester!

The baby is also lying in a Juiced wadded with polyester… This is a lot and is well contrary to the idea that we have the baby sleeping peacefully in a gentle and natural heat. At the risk of repetition, an infant regulates not warmth, nothing better for him than to the natural materials that promote heat transfer.

* what size to buy for the suitcase maternity pajamas?

It is often said that the pyjamas size birth is useless, as if there was some sort of pride to the world of big babies!

If your child is born to run and that he comes from a family of ‘big’, indeed the birth size is superfluous, however there will always be the size 1 month, it is in any case the first month (think my experience of 6 children between 3.7 kg and 4.3 kg!)

Be aware that the ultrasound are regularly wrong in their forecasts, too, to complicate the situation, that the real sizes of the models vary from one brand to another, or even from one model to the other within the same brand!

* what model do you choose?

The model that opens fully before is thought to… infants and their parents beginning in dressing.

Babies do not like to get them something around the head!

Personally, I never liked for my kids without foot models, or rather for the day.

When the child begins to walk, you can think of the models 2 parts, as for adults, it is true that it is very convenient for dressing and change… but the belly may be found in the air and there is anyway the body to undo (I mean, when the baby grows up, and it’s warm enough at night, you will discover the ease of “grand” Pajama with happiness and abandon the body).

* And summer Pajamas?

Unless you have a Mediterranean climate, you will only very little use. Summer Pajamas is the same as a classic baby Pajamas but more fine Jersey.

There are also models shorts/t-shirts, no need to buy you can make sleep your body baby hot nights.

Pajamas how buy?

* For the first month

5 or 6 pyjamas size 1 month. I advise you to buy some basics, but also a little more sophisticated models can you put also the day… This will unload additional Exchange (so, if the days where you expect from the visit, do not let your baby hanging out in his Pajamas all day!)

* 1 to 6 months

At the end of the 1st month, your baby will start to wear Pajamas size 3 months, it will take 3 or 4, the same in size 6 months, it will be approximately between 3 and 6 months.

The baby wins in tone, it is easier to dress him; moms differ more in more outfits of day and night (probably also for giving a rhythm to the baby and encourage him to sleep through the night!)

* From 6 months to 2 years

Gradually, the baby stands up, market, and becomes clean!

Pajamas one-piece is handy, because it avoids the child to discover the night. On the other hand it is more worn all day, it’s really a garment for the night.

If the baby wearing washable diapers, let’s be honest, he could suffer more leaks… but 4 Pajamas should be sufficient.

Smart MOM Council

If the idea of more “versatile” piece you please, think of the leggings that are perfect for day and night.

They allow with simple T-shirts to serve as men’s skiing pajamas on, especially if you like pyjamas 2 pieces (very convenient).

In conclusion, regardless of the number of pajamas and their color, you will see that you will long remember with emotion THE first pyjama wearing your baby, that you have brought in the birth room. Choose it with love!