Intelligent Security Systems

The boom of attacks over private and public property globally lead to improvement of security equipment. Today we can not talk about security apparatuses, and for intelligent security systems that are extremely reliable, easy to manage and most of all-it is impossible to be manipulated by thieves. If you need to talk about the future of security equipment, the intelligent developments are just that.

What Are Security Systems With Intelligence?

Under the ”intelligent” perceive those security systems which are recent developments in technology and electronics. For the most part, they are a collection of components managed by a common software covering a wide perimeter of security. The purpose of reasonable security equipment to help us protect their private property and business assets from abuse or misuse.

To summarize briefly, what exactly is a technique possessing intelligence, it generally, these are automated systems through pre-established program provides access control to different parts of the buildings – houses, apartment buildings, business and office buildings, manufacturing and commercial premises and others.

What are The Types of Intelligent Security Systems

The types of systems of this type are very different as a method of security. They may be used alone or together in a single network security, as the number of individual components depends on the desire and needs of each site. The principle on which selects the number of systems in a network is clear – the more valuable assets are in need of protection, the more perfect and expensive the system.

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Systems that may be involved in the overall network security of an object are:

Video Surveillance

Modern developments in security cameras allow us safely attributed to them ” Smart ” security systems. Modern equipment for video surveillance is so perfect that it can by pre-programmed to automatically each operation-to be triggered when a signal of danger, to track a specific object or area and activate the recorder and then send the record of those responsible for and-mail or other electronic address.


We are used to perceive barriers such as archaic mechanical obstacles, but modern developments in this type of security equipment make them really reasonable. Through special software, a barrier can be fully automated. Without human intervention, it can implement strict access control at the facility in which it is fitted. Modern barriers are triggered by electronic cards and chips, and in some cases are equipped with devices or parking by skipping it after payment of a fee.

Biometric Systems And Card Readers

Can be mounted on doors, elevators and different parts of the buildings. The aim is using a biometric system to implement access control in buildings with different functions, as only authorized persons can pass a secured area after identification through electronic key or biometrics-fingerprint, iris or voice recognition.

Can We Trust Fully Intelligent Security Systems?

We can safely say that the security intelligence technique we can trust completely. During the development of all intelligent safety systems are provided for various emergency situations to prevent errors in the system that might hinder its use. Meanwhile, software development minimize the possibility of manipulation and disposal of the security system.