IOS 6.1.3 Users Affected by Battery and WiFi Problems

The latest iOS update seems to cause problems for some users.

Last week Apple released their latest update to iOS, so it is now up to version 6.1.3. The update was supposed to close a security hole, as did hackers could easily get into a locked iPhone from the lock screen.

But according to Gotta Be Mobile, it appears that there is also part users who have problems with the new update. It writes our site.

Multiple users writes that their phones will run faster out of battery after you have installed the new software. Even though they’ve made to factory settings on your phone. Since Apple had released the iOS 5.0, there were also users who had battery problems.

But battery problems are not the only problem, which has affected iOS users. Also a problem with keeping the connection to WiFi seems to have affected users. This is a problem Apple has previously confirmed and you can look what you can do here.