IOS Gave 80,000 New Jobs by 2012 in the United States

In 2012 there came more than 80,000 new jobs in the United States, which was related to Apple’s iOS. However, not all who make money.

According to the website Appleinsider then is the number of jobs that are related to the development of iOS-applications have increased by more than 80,000 in 2012. It writes our site.

The figures are not confirmed by Apple, but is estimated by Apple Insider on the basis of numbers Apple has presented. The company claims that more than half a million Americans now working with Apple or in posts, as on one side or the other must is related to Apple. Almost 300,000 of these jobs are in the application world.

According to Apple itself paid in 2012 8 billion for developers who work with iOS. A survey conducted by the Streaming Colors Studios shows that 35 percent of those who develop applications for iOS has earned very little or nothing, but correspondingly has earned $30,000 or more. Four percent said that they have earned more than a million dollars through Apple’s App Store.