iPad Air in the Great Test

Apple surprised actually part when Ipad Air was presented, for there were a couple

It was certainly that we didn’t get an Ipad in the same type of gold paint that Iphone 5S and that we did not get the rewritten the fingerprint reader into Apple’s tablet. Although we do not feel that a golden Ipad stands at the top of our list was still with a bit of a “was it all?” -feeling which we took on Apple’s latest release of the gadget that more or less created an entire product segments on their own.Apple should have all the cred for that they actually came to life in the market for tablets for almost four years ago, before the Ipad was tablets most something many looked askance at and chuckled derisively. However, it feels as if it could have happened far more with tablets during this time. It is true that if a widget is a large screen and not much more, but in addition to faster hardware has it’s crass acted on a camera for video calls and higher resolution on your screen in the update path.

Android is capable now of multiple user accounts to tablets, something which is hugely awaited even to the Ipad, but that doesn’t exist yet. Such details make it feel as though there is a lot of potential for development that Apple doesn’t gas on with for unknown reasons.

Once we get the Ipad Air in our hand begins, however, the disappointment be relaxed somewhat. To cut the weight by about a third against the previous version is certainly reason enough to brag. But the fact is they where about 200 grammes that fallen away makes a whole lot of ergonomics. It simply takes a lot of time before we start to feel tired in his hand after holding in it without support for extended periods of time. Even when it leans against one knee or similar weight becomes less evident after a longer period of use, making the experience more enjoyable. Despite a lower weight keeps the plate the same quality feel as before, as no competitor in the area managed to top even.

That Apple is more or less copied the design from the Ipad Mini to Ipad Air also makes a whole lot of ergonomics. Not that we directly threatened to cut us on previous models, but it still pretty sharp edge around the plate got pretty uncomfortable after a while. Now the edges more even thick and feels nothing like as sharp.

A fun optical illusion is that the screen seems larger than before, simply because the frame around the long sides are much narrower now. With a little good will and a välstretchad hand, it is possible to keep both sides of the device with one hand, but it is hardly comfortable. At the same time, Apple has pretty good security measures to screen not be mistaken a thumb along the edge of the screen for the actual print on the screen, so to keep the plate in one hand is still going really well despite the narrower edges.

Because the new format is the physically most noticeable change from the previous version of the Ipad makes it a lot of user experience, far more than what we had expected when the plate was presented. The weight felt at once, but the positive overall impression will like creeping over a longer period of use.

We were quite disappointed that the hardware inside of the paper is the same as in Iphone 5S. Apple has built into its latest A7-chip in the Ipad Air and not some souped-up A7X-variant tradition in earlier models. The model number says, however, is not the whole story, but the Ipad Air, generally better figures in the performance tests we run, despite the fact that the device needs to move around much more pixels than the Iphone 5S does.

The difference from Iphone 5S are not huge, but compared with the previous year’s model of the Ipad, it’s a huge performance boost that sometimes borders on the dual power.

In practical terms, makes it a lot of user experience. Heavy game loads extremely fast, so to go from the opening of a heavy game for you to start playing is now mostly about how many videos and the like that game maker decided not to skip. The generally cumbersome Xcom and Infinity Blade gets rolling after only a few seconds of loading, which is a substantial boost from previous models.

The improved processor also allows you get some bonus features in Apple’s own apps, such as the ability to run 32 simultaneous tracks in Garage band to the previous 16. Something is a little mysterious in this context is the side processor M7. The Iphone is used to keep track of data from different sensors, so that, for example, you can run your phone as a pedometer but eat too much battery power. To have an Ipad Air that Pedometers are perhaps not quite so smoothly, so it remains to be seen what practical use M7 processor is doing here.According to Apple, the processor and its associated sensors used to know when your unit is still and is unused in order to lose sleep and prolong the battery life, but we haven’t really been able to demonstrate in practical terms.

When it comes to the camera, there are a couple of updates. We had horrible gladly seen a photo lamp to the rear camera for the few occasions we use it. Instead, the sensor been spruced up a bit in order to let in more light, but this is a minor update that hardly raises the Tablet’s status as the camera. Even the front camera has been updated, mostly with better natural light. The difference is not huge here either, but then it is mostly used for video calling are all improvements that can light up the fishy illuminated hotel rooms and the like.

By the way there with GarageBand. As you may have heard, as well as Iphoto, Imovie and GarageBand for free for those who purchase a new Ios device from Apple. This also applies to office suite iWork with word processor Pages, Numbers and Keynote kneader presentationsappen number. They are not pre-installed from the beginning, but is as free as soon as you come out of the App Store. In total, it’s about apps for less than 340 dollars as Apple now offers. The Iphone is a nice and useful gesture, to the Ipad, it feels all the more welcome since the larger screen offers a more comfortable working with all the apps. All six apps are surprisingly competent and adds a whole lot on its respective area. Then add to the pre-installed apps tightened up a lot, or maintain an already high level. Apple Maps is not the nightmare history it was a year ago, Facetime app allows voice calls to other Ios users as long as you have data access, and so on. In addition, you run the Mac with the latest Mavericks-update of OS X has a lot of Nice, and automated, linkages between Apple’s apps on both systems. Map application sends over favorite selections, Safari syncs passwords and Ibooks remember where in the book you were regardless of what device you are on. Icloud keeps is still very much in the background, but it is this type of small details that makes Apple’s cloud service feels more and more useful.

It’s all about the apps still paltry 340 bucks total. But it is a move that makes the Ipad Air feels considerably much more complete already from the start than previous models made. When it comes to music and video editing has competitors not much to set against either, especially not when we’re talking about free software.

It brings us on to the App Store. Apple promises over 425 000 apps specifically designed for the Ipad, and it is true, certainly. The thing is not the number, but what kind of apps there are, and at what level they are. Beautiful and instructive education apps are still superior to the Ipad and if you want to entertain the younger family members are competitors hardly worth examining. On the games front, Android, downloaded again a lot of the last year, but the App Store is a notch higher in terms of quality and to which system usually rewarded by developers in many ways. Apple’s Game Center in combination with Icloud provides also the surprisingly very, both to play against friends over the net and when to play the same game on different devices. The piece is far from being as seamless to Android at present.

It is quite a mixed feeling to try to sum up the Ipad Air. The new format is actually better than what we thought of the overall experience. The included apps do really much for overall feeling and ensures that the slab feels well equipped from the start in a way that we really haven’t seen from other manufacturers. The plus range of App Store provides many reasons to love the Ipad Air, especially with the improved performance and 4 g support.

At the same time, we want something more. Ios 7 feels at times quite poorly adapted to a larger screen, and we would have liked to have seen more flat specific features here. The viewer feels the most cluttered and adapted for a smaller screen and as a Tablet more than one phone is a device that is shared by several in a home had both user accounts that fingerprint readers have been very welcome here.

All in all, it feels like a pretty careful update in new skin, but where all the small parts than more started to fall into place to create a really strong overall picture.