iPad iPad 2 x 1: Just A Little Faster

When the Milestone 2 (Motorola A953) was released, I wrote a quick comparison between the two models. This article from Milestone 1 x Milestone 2 was useful to a lot of people who think about changing Unit decided to wait a little longer.

iPad 1 and iPad 2 Comparative

Now is the time of the iPad iPad 2 x 1, however this time I’ll let you draw your own conclusions after watching the video below. Just to give you an idea of the difference in performance, the iPad 2 spend 25.3 seconds to connect while the iPad 1 takes 28.6 seconds. To open Google Earth are 17 seconds against 20.3 of the iPad 1 and so on.

But What the Apple Tablet to Buy?

Performance differences are not significant for these tasks, see the video below.

But for many people, little difference can be a deciding factor, especially if your iPad is getting a little old. Maybe the best option is to change the device to update for a more modern. Or perhaps change the iPad big for an iPad mini, and save a little space.

I think it’s worth also consider the options of other manufacturers. After Google made the Nexus initiative for tablets as well, the models were much better. Even Microsoft entered the joke, launching the great Surface devices, that can still be used as computer. Rather than stay loyal to a brand, I, at least, prefer to evaluate all brands available, and choosing the one I think is best for what I need.

Do you think it pays to switch the iPad 1 for iPad 2? What’s the best tablet, in your opinion? You trade your current brand tablet on the other model?