Is It Possible To Get Menstruated?

A very common question in younger women, even with little experience or knowledge about how your body works, is whether it is possible to become a menstruating woman.

Is It Possible To Get Menstruated?

The sexual intercourse during menstruation is something that makes many women apprehensive, either for the issue of a possible pregnancy, but also, related to some health problems.

In this article we will explain a little better what menstruation is, and still, if it is possible to get menstruated.


Menstruation is a time when the female body is releasing itself from the more superficial layers of the endometrium, necessary for a possible pregnancy, which nevertheless did not occur.

The female reproductive system, whenever an egg is released, is ready to receive the egg and to develop a gestation.

However, if the egg is not fertilized, all these preparations are no longer necessary.

For this reason is that every month occurs the period, where the more superficial layers of the wall of the endometrium, thickened in this period, and a large amount of blood. But is it still possible to get pregnant?

Is it possible to get menstruated?

Although it is a rare situation and with a very low probability of occurrence, in reality, in certain cases, it is possible to become a menstruating woman.

Although during ovulation there is no ovulation, ie the release of an egg, in fact, if you have unprotected sex in the three days before the end of menstruation, fertilization may occur.

This is because the spermatozoon can last up to three days inside the uterus, thus having the possibility of fertilizing the egg if it is released within that period of time.

Although it is possible, in reality this is very rare.

This risk is especially greater in women with an irregular period because it becomes somewhat unpredictable to know when the menstruation ends and an egg is released.

To reduce the risk of getting pregnant during menstruation, you should use a contraceptive method in the last days of your period.