Is The First Video of Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10 as Operating System

A few weeks ago we saw that Microsoft had plans with Xiaomi. Specifically, a ROM of Windows 10 (the preview which is available at the moment) for my 4. A timely experiment with which the Redmond’s tanteaban the Chinese market and passing interest in this platform. To do this have, always making clear that it was a project without much travel.

Well, a few days later has released the first video with 10 Windows and despite the fact that today’s date is a little delicate, is April Fools’ in the Anglo-Saxon world, already we can see moving. With this, Windows takes a new step to a device that originally came with Android. Let us remember that the first already gave it its version with Windows Mobile and HTC One M8.

Windows 10 looks good in Xiaomi

As you can see in the video, the ROM is quite fluid. Is not surprising since although they have passed a few months of the launch of the terminal, It is still a very competitive hardware. Paradoxically, Xiaomi mobile becomes the most powerful phone with a mobile operating system from Microsoft.

As experiment it is curious, but we do not believe that Microsoft will be extended to other devices. As we said at the time, there seems to be a movement to convert a large number of users. Are probably feeling the market in China and see if they can remove learning to adapt Windows 10 to more ambitious hardware already right now Microsoft Mobile strategy through more phones range media and input.

If you want to try it, you are going to find with a few limitations. First of all is that a Xiaomi MI 4 and subsequently participate in the community will make you lack of my to be able to download the ROM. It remains to be seen if from outside China will be possible since Hugo Barra said that it was something unique to this country.

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