Is This the Beginning of Facebook?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s kanske first website to have sprung forth from the Internet’s glemsler – was the beginning of Facebook?

It suggests that a website like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made as a 15 year old, now has been dug out from the Internet’s glemsler.

An Angelfire website from 1999 is of tenacious net-archaeologists dug forward and it seems to the author is in inferior than Mark Zuckerberg, who at the time was 15 years. It writes CNN, according to our site.

The website contains, among other things, an application that is called The Web. And it looks like an early attempt at what later became Facebook. The developer of the application asks people to add themselves, as well as two of their friends – after which they will then add two of their, etc. Source code driver “net-archaeologists” back to a “Mark Zuckerberg”, who is from a small town outside of New York. Which also fits on the Facebook founder.

More likely it will be that it is the well known Mark Zuckerberg, who is behind the new fund, since the email address matches with a nickname, as Mark Zuckerbergs father often used.

According to CNN, Facebook has not yet commented on the rumors.