Isteve-a Mockumentary about Steve Jobs

View Justin Long in the lead role as Steve Jobs in this 80-minute film created by the website Funny or Die.

Funny or Die is best known for their small, short and funny movies. Now they have created a complete feature films on good 80 minutes with actor Justin Long in the lead role as the legendary Steve Jobs.

There are two other films in the pipeline, one with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role and one of writer Aaron Sorkin, but iSteve is therefore the first of the three that will be finished.

Ryan Perez is the author of iSteve, in an interview to the New York Times he tells, that may not be the best of the three films, but in any case the first.

There should come one or more films depicting the late Steve Jobs and his career, but I should like to say that I sincerely hope that Ryan Perez has the right, and they have not made the best movies, but only the first one.