Jackie O. Spirit

Few things work better than the fusion of friendship and talent. In fact, this happens with the young entrepreneurs and creators of Jackie O., a Uruguayan firm of accessories that deserves the attention of lovers of fashion accessories.

Creedoras firm that attachments already not only complement the costumes but take a leading role in the style of a woman, design and manufacture handmade distinctive, unique parts: parts Jackie O.

It’s a brand of primarily young, modern and colorful accessories with its roots in Uruguay, although nowadays they can be found their products both in Uruguay as in Argentina and Chile.

It all started…

It all began when two friends, a student of graphic design, and other business management, fashion, design and art lovers began to design and manufacture their own accessories. Merging of each different student background and the passion that linked them to the two, were launched into the adventure of creating a fashion business.

Last time, the Sofias (in addition to your taste, girlfriends share its name) were joined by Florence Piquet, responsible for creating and producing original necklaces. The quality of their products is one of the features of most concern to the designers, so they are fully involved in every step of the design and production of your parts.

Jackie style or.

As the company name implies, the Muse of the creations of the young founders of the brand, Sofía Piquet and Sofía Varela, is Jacqueline Onassis. As few, the widow of JFK and then wife of the billionaire Aristóteles Onassis, wasted elegance, sophistication and femininity in every possible occurrence, and icon of fashion and style during their lifetime so far. Their outfits, bags, sunglasses and jewelry inspired and inspiring. The brand team moved every aspect of the style of Jackie to the elements of the different collections.

They started working (and still continue) with materials recycled and inherited or small treasures found in flea markets of Montevideo and Buenos Aires. The materials they work with today are diverse: metals, bright and colorful stones and pearls combined with opaque metal, romantic designs, tribal designs, designs that are achieved through the wonderful combination of the different materials brought from the United States, Spain and Argentina.

Jackie O. style, as well as of the original Jackie, it is impossible to go unnoticed. Earrings and necklaces, large, striking and important follow the trend of the accessory “statement”, the tendency of the accessory that is imposed.

Its collections

Middelburg is the last collection that has been released and named after a small town in Virginia, United States, where Jackie and her then husband, John F. Kennedy, they planned to retire to live. Middelburg is characterized by the strong colors used in the pieces and the extraordinary combination of textures: metal worked on gender, small or large feathers attached to delicate colorful stones and bright colored beads. Delicious parts, real “Eye Candy”.

Another of his collections, Ann Lowe, baptized with the name of the seamstress who designed and made the Jackie wedding dress, is characterized by its metallic luster and exquisite combination of softer although striking tones. Recommended if you want to feel a Princess of Bali.

The most romantic collection is called “Life in Camelot”, named for a famous phrase from the muse. The collection combines pearls, roses and opaque metal as a more demure option although feature youthful and fun which proudly is the brand itself does not lose at any time.

To learn more about the brand and its collections, you can visit its page web and follow them both through its official website, Facebook and Twitter account.