Jelly Shoes Summer

Until a few years ago the plastic for shoes was considered a material that could be used only for bathing shoes, the ones to walk on the rocks without cutting so to speak, more and more often we see designers also well enhance elastic and rubber materials as the jelly and pVC to achieve not only sandals for the summer, but also high-heeled pumps, ballet flats and flip flops fashion. Usually when it comes to rubber shoes or PVC you will immediately think of Melissa, a brand that is also working with Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier, but more and more brands that follow this trend. Do you want to find out what?

Until recently, when you thought about in shoes plastic mind was taken at once to remember the horrible sandals that children (even by large sometimes) we were forced from our parents to wear to go to the beach, even when the rocks there ‘it was nowhere to be seen. Today, however, you immediately think of Melissa, a brand that is fully dedicated to fashion in plastic footwear, with collaborations with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier. Ballerinas studded studs or Swarovski , flip flops or scented pumps, up to futuristic sandals signed dall’archistar Zaha Hadid . The jelly try even the most famous designers like Stuart Weitzman, which for the 2010 spring-summer devoted to this material a ‘ entire collection they see as protagonists boots, sandals and ballerinas with jewel decorations. Nor Chanelcan not be bribed by the new plastic charm here is in fact some ballerinas and flip-flops with a delicate feminine design.

The model that best interprets these materials, immediately after the sandal or flip flops, is definitely the dancer. Chamomile, Hello Kitty, Maternity Shoes, Colors of California… are so many brands that enhance the super flat shoe. But if you think jelly and pvc are only suitable for low shoes materials, you are mistaken: what do you think of all dedicated to the PVC collection of Prada?