Jewelery with a Difference

Why always hanging chains actually to necks and belts and tires on arms?The have probably some jewelry designers asked for now hanging chains and over the shoulders and hips and tires wrap around upper arms and legs.

This trend reminds me of other cultures, especially the shoulder chains have something Oriental and the chains that wrap around the hips let me think of India. In Europe, I find that very strange and I doubt that the body jewelry for standard next rings and friendship bands is. Which is a shame really because simple outfits get through the “Body chains” a special flair. A delicate silver chain, I can imagine, for example, perfect for a black outfit. About a simple top then the whole thing does not work overdressed, but you made a simple outfit into a stylish eye-catcher.

Maybe the look can be found indeed still on our roads again. Let’s see what the summer brings, may come with the sun and the courage to fashionable experiments