Jewelry for the Feet

Jewels are very important to a woman, and Yes, some neglect this side here, something that it shouldn’t. Indeed, a gem is sign of elegance, whimsy, but especially of femininity. You understand so that men love to see a woman wearing a necklace neck loops earrings, rings on the fingers, or bracelets on his wrist. Why not also beautify our feet that we so often forget! There are now many ways to accessorize your feet and make them prettier, especially when it’s hot and you wear open shoes. Ohmag has selected for your greatest pleasure one set of ideas jewelry for your feet!

Large ankle bracelet

And Yes, as you see in the photo above, there are of big bracelets way henna specially for ankles.

Jewelry for the feet tribal style

No one can deny it, these jewels for tribal style feet embellish, way barefoot sandals.

Fine bracelets

As one of the must own jewelry, fine bracelets are very trendy, whether in the hands or feet. They are available in different style, color and materials. And the advantage is that we can carry one as we can put more.

Summer colors

You can also vary the colors, summer colors that stand out as this turquoise.

String for feet

Multi-ronds anklet in gold, very pretty, especially when the skin is tanned.

Jewelry for style slave feet

These jewelry for style slave feet are way barefoot, a bit like the Spartacus Sandals jewelry.

Foot ring

The rings and the rings are not made just for the hands, but also for the feet, and the result is just as lovely. There are different styles and colors, you can put one, like many. Do you ladies pleasure.