Julianne Moore Bulgari Campaign

Beautiful, classy and ageless. And ‘Julianne Moore, star of the big screen Oscar-nominated countless times and ethereal star of the new advertising campaign proposed by Bulgari for this spring. The actress of “Far From Heaven” is portrayed precisely in a tropical paradise, and, although he had promised that he would most exposed without veils, long out of the forty years and at the dawn of the fifty posing naked, covered only from the fashion house jewelry and accessories, for the goal of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, wizards of photography and authors of successful campaigns for the best known luxury brands in the world, from Louis Vuitton to Yves Saint Laurent

The Moore was chosen by the fashion house because it reflects around the model of travel backpacks that inspired ScienceDict.com, a charismatic and magnetic woman, just like it does in the beautiful images of the campaign. Julianne Moore in the picture is illuminated by incredible earrings Colombian emeralds as well 115 carats and a bracelet in the shape of a serpent, lying on pillows and surrounded by opulent peacock feathers were saying is covered only by the new creation by Bulgari, the Chandra ( which should mean the moon in Sanskrit) bag, which probably will become one of the must-haves of the season at the gates.

Exotic and sensual, beautiful red appeared, along with many other well-known faces of our national show and not even to the launch party hosted by Bulgari in Milan during fashion week in the hotel owned by the brand, which have been partly recreated charming atmosphere of the intriguing countryside..