Just Tablet: This Year The Convertibli Will Take Their Place, According to IDC (Photos)

Users with the tablet is no longer enough: according to IDC, a market analysis company, during this 2016 sales of tablets that do not include the connection to an external keyboard/touchpad will drop of 5.9% (approximately 195 million units), giving way to the convertible devices, or to the 2-in-1 that much success they are having in the world Windows.

Microsoft will benefit from this situation: by 2020, predicts IDC, Windows will be about 74.6% of convertible; not that it starts badly, as he has already reached 53.3%.

The year 2020 should mark the end of the domain of the iPad: the market share would increase from current 28.5% to 7.3%. Android, meanwhile, is expected to remain stable at around 18%.

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The processing of these data would be a result of the strong support of the producers for the Windows platform during the last MWC, absence of touch support in Mac OS X and the delay in bringing the Android platforms-Chrome. You also believe that the future is in convertible? Or is it more an evolution of the past (netbook)?