Knit a Cardigan for Baby Summer

Knit a vest for baby that will arrive soon. Find all the advice of our experts in creative hobbies to easily achieve your knitting of birth.

The material

Ball of cotton Natura “DMC”. 50 g.
Knitting No. 3.5 “DMC” bamboo needles.
And also:
buttons, thread and needle.

The yarn is knitted double. Prepare in advance of the balls mixing 2 son. Knit a sample in jersey for at least 10 x 10 cm and then measure. Here 10 x 10 cm = 23 STS on 33 ranks. 6 months (size 12 months in parentheses).

The realization of the vest

The vest knit one-piece, knitting the back, sleeves, and then separating it into two forward. The bottom is Moss, the body in jersey, and borders in Garter, for more than required. Add the pockets at the end.
Side point foam: drag the first mesh of the row without knitting (but count her as a knit stitch). On the side of jersey, knit the first stitch.

With double grey wire, mount 52 (60) STS. Knit 5 rows Moss.
Change to red, also double wire. Knit Jersey on 14 (15) cm.

After a row side, increase of 34 (38) STS on the right side. Knit across the row to the place, and then add 34 (38) STS on the other side. We’re on the wrong side: knit the first 5 stitches in the place, the rest of the row in reverse, and the last 5 stitches to the place. Rank depending on the place: all in the place. Repeat these 2 rows on 6.5 (7.5) cm.

On location, knit 43 (51) STS in the place, 34 STS from the middle to upside down, and yet 43 (51) STS location. Next row, 5 stitches in place, the rest upside down and the last 5 stitches to the place. Repeat these two rows once.
Then, on the place, 43 (51) STS place, 5 STS upside down, cast off the next 24 stitches to open the pass. Knit 5 stitches still upside down and the rest of the row in the place.
See the half left of work on a stop-meshes for later.

10 Must-have Baby Clothes:

Right front / 1st half:
Half right, side of the book: 5 place, 38 STS (46) STS front and back 5 stitches place. Rank according to the place. Continue alternating these two ranks for 10 rows.
Add 12 stitches to form the front of the neck, then knit across the row to the place. Next row: 5 STS place, the Middle upside, and 17 stitches to the place. Still a rank place. Repeat these 2 rows on 4 rows. The pass is complete.
Inside out: 5 place, the Middle STS upside down, the last 5 STS towards. 1 row place. Repeat these two rows for even 12 (16) rows.
Close 34 (38) stitches to close the channel, keep the rank in stitches upside down and the last 5 stitches to the place. 1 row place. 1 row reverse ending with 5 stitches place. Repeat these 2 rows on 14 (15) cm.
Take the gray wire. Knit a row in jersey, then 5 rows in point of rice. Fold.

Left front / 2nd half:
Repeat the stitches and the explanations since “right front / 1st half.
Mount 11 (13) STS with double grey yarn and knit 4 rows Moss. Change to the double thread and knit 10 rows (14) in jersey. Close the cracks.

Assemble on the reverse sides and sleeves. Return the remaining wires. Apply the pockets on the place, to small points. If you wish, you can add a flange and a button to close the jacket on the front.

The realization of slippers

One size fits all. Both feet are the same.

Let’s start with the heel. Get 23 STS with double grey wire. Knit Moss 27 ranks.
From rank 28: fold one stitch at each start of row. Continue until you have 10 STS, knit them at the place 2 by 2 to get 5 stitches. Knit a row of 5 STS, MOSS again.

Top: Increase one stitch at each start of rank for 4 rows, until 9 STS. Continue 13 ranks and then fold the stitches to close.

Sew on the place, to small points. Close the back of the liner by rounding the heel. Sew the front softly rounded corners.

Mount 12 stitches, knit a row in the place, and then fold to close. Use the wire from start to sew strap to the liner, and the wire from the end to form a buttonhole. Add a button to the liner.