Lace Panties Models

Main models of lace panties.

When it comes to underwear, many women like to comfort in everyday life, but the lingerie favorites are always those more powerful or delicate, with Ruffles, lace and ribbons to give more charm. Lace panties are the most successful, are attractive and charming. See what are the main models chosen by women:

Lacy panties or with details in lace are marketed in very different models, to appeal to various audiences and tastes. Some people prefer the more justinhos and small cuts, other more larguinhas and comfortable.

Models with wider side and the back in fabric like women who usually want comfort and beauty in a single piece. Usually these panties are good for those who don’t want the clothes get marked. It is common for them to be of mesh and have lace in front application, with or without lining.

There is also type templates running shorts, which are known as well, Hello there, which are those panties entirely, with wide side. They are comfortable and very beautiful, perfect for giving an “up” at the bottom.

Already the models with narrow side, can be fixed or adjustable straps. These tend to be smaller, in front and behind. They can be totally mesh with lace on front or back with mesh lace up front, with or without lining and can also be completely unlined lace no, well charming. These templates are great for those special occasions.

There are still, for those who like something more powerful, Thong models, which are those little ones in the back. They are good for use in clothes that don’t want underwear lingerie brand and also to leave the boyfriend/husband excited.

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