Ladies Long Dresses

All of us should know that choose the long dresses of ladies is a bit complicated as picking a wedding gown.

That is why today I explain to them clearly and choose the long dresses of ladies.

In this article, you also apreciaras a wide selection of long dresses, in a number of different styles and colors.

You have a proper bridesmaid dress can really make the event even more special.

Women have different body types, and have to choose a long bridesmaid dress that is appropriate to the type of body that tangan.

There are many models of dresses of is long, as the classic a-line, straight cut, and the classic ball gown.

Color of the dress. When it comes to choosing a color that goes well with the wedding, it is always good to take into account the seasons of the year.

Vibrant blues, rich purple, and yellow colors are ideal for weddings outdoors in spring or summer.

Especially for outdoor weddings it is recommended that all the ladies use short dresses.

For weddings that take place in the autumn season or winter use creamy pink dresses and pastel colors.


You do not mix with the bride. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a long bridesmaid dress that is just as the bride.

It is highly recommended that the dress is totally different and thus avoid removing protagonism to the bride.

The most advisable is that bridesmaids should not use long dresses that are white, it is better to choose other colors.

Currently, there are many designers who have designed some stunning long ladies dresses.


Not a dress of black believe it marks the originality and shows the elegance of the ladies.

In addition, this color blends perfectly with any other color dresses the bride use.

Mostly a black dress is recommended in those weddings that are held during the evening.


But if the wedding party is done during the day it is highly recommended that ladies used a pale pink dress.

But always try to dress to be made in chiffon or other fabric but that is light.


If the bridesmaids are your best friends from childhood, therefore I advise that you acquire delicate dresses and give much elegance to the celebration.

For example; in the photo below, I show a dress that looks so exquisite and delicate like a flower.

This wonderful long bridesmaid dresses is especially well-suited for the best friend of the bride.


If otherwise than the bridesmaids are your aunts or older friends, because you must choose to get more sophisticated dresses.

In the photo below, I show a model of dress that you can use for the bridesmaids who are older.

The color of this beautiful gown is exquisite, cutting is very suitable and the design is completely modern.