Lamp with Clothes Hooks

If you are a fan of recycling or you like to create original things, you must do this amazing lamp with hooks for clothes, it is very easy to make and they are not required of many materials.


  • 15 wooden clothes hangers
  • Spray paint
  • Drill
  • Frame for embroidery 30 cm
  • Wire
  • Hanger for focus
  • Focus
  • Tweezers


  1. place 3 to 4 hooks one on top of the other, forming a row and punch a hole in one side of the hooks, to have drilled 15 hooks.
  2. with your choice color spray paint, painting the hooks, you can combine colors, make a gradient effect or as your you decide, remember to give your personal touch to this lamp.
  3. while the hooks are dry get an opening to the frame in such a way that the circle that form can be opened, and Pierce each side of the opening, painted the frame of the color you prefer.
  4. once dry all the hooks placed in L-shape leaving the drilling at the top since then the lamp will hang and sees forming a circle and uses the frame as a belt to secure the hooks and tie with a piece of wire and some turns to secure.
  5. passing a piece of wire through the drilling of hooks so that it is well fixed to the lamp, hanging lamp with support for focus and voila!you have an original lamp to decorate your home.

This is a very versatile craft because you can put hooks in the way that you want, use your imagination to create different shapes and color combinations, with this lamp you can decorate your space and give it a very personal touch.