Laptop Buying Guide How to Buy the Right Laptop

Laptop, Ultrabook, Macbook or ChromeBook: many solutions are available today for fun, mixed or professional use. In all cases, you will have a workspace and games suitable for mobility, but also to all budgets. To choose and buy the laptop tailored to your studies, your work, or your hobbies: follow our guide!

Most laptops

Favorite of the french after their Smartphonetool, the laptopis now essential daily: writing emails, sorting and editing photo, games and reading of movies and series… He accompanies every day each, for still more different uses.And despite the great success of the tablets, it is the ideal tool for work, for study but also surf the internet. What, then, are the main assets of the laptop?

While tablets are always more mobile, laptops still keep very many benefits:

  • autonomy pushed through a large battery for optimal mobility.
  • screens high resolution, full HD until the Retina definition for a slim display on screens large size (more than 17 inches): a real comfort for the work, but also for entertainment!
  • a keyboard full, with on some models a keypad: a real asset in excel, but not only!And thanks to their TouchPads, you can click effortlessly.
  • a powerful processor, to achieve all possible tasks: retouching photo, film editing or 3D game, nothing can resist!
  • best accessories and connectivity: wifi, bluetooth, but also connectors VGA, HDMI and Ethernet.The laptops are able to adapt to any situation! A real more regardless of the circumstances.

What format of laptop purchase?

Regardless of the manufacturer, laptops are now available in many formats:

  • the hybrid touch pc, detachable keyboard;
  • ultrabooks, thin format and light weight;
  • notebooks: the classic format of the laptop, for a quality/price ratio optimal;
  • chromebooks, designed by Google and made by HP, Asus, Toshiba…
  • macbooks, made by Apple;
  • not to mention the PC Gamer, in notebook format and elevates characteristics!

Depending on your needs, each format will have its advantages. Check out them below video!

Hybrid laptops: work and play in the mini format!

Available on Windows, but also on Android, Google’s mobile system, many tactile hybrid laptops exist on the market.Their advantage? They reconcile work and entertainment in the same format, from 10 inches!

Delivered with Windows 8.1 and soon Windows 10, with or without keyboards, they receive a new ergonomic and easy to use interface. In addition, as tablets, Windows has a large store of applications for productivity as entertainment. A real asset for those who want a versatile laptop! Without relying on the possibilities offered by Microsoft Office, hybrid laptops are big brothers of tablets.

With a high degree of autonomy and with a capacity of amazing work, as well as many computer accessories, is an ideal compromise!

Ultrabook, uncompromising performance computers

Ultra-fine, ultra-light and high, the ultrabook is the most demanding computer professionals . Available in formats of 12 inches and more, they have a powerful processor and high-speed storage capacities thanks to their SSD drives high performance. Guaranteed quick start!

With a weight of 900 grams to 1.5 kilo, the computers laptops ultrabooks are ideal on the road, but also to work: with Microsoft Windows, you get a complete work environment, your favorite applications with a power available at any time. Spreadsheets, software editing, or editing, nothing can resist!

Notebook computers: the versatility for the whole family

For a student or family, use the computer laptops notebooks are ideal! Available in many configurations and many diagonals of screens (up to more than 17 inches), these laptops are suitable both for work and play.

Available with a very high capacity of storage thanks to hard drives large format, they allow you to store all your photos, movies and music without restricting you! You can also take them everywhere, and even enjoy their great speakers and big screen to broadcast music and video anywhere. In addition, the wide variety of configuration, from the office to the media through the family, leave you full freedom of choice!

Chromebook, the student laptop!

Novelty on the market, the computers laptops made in Google are coming! Available for a few years, the Chromebooks are equipped with ChromeOs, a close operating system to Android. Thanks to its application store, you have many games and software to work online or offline!

Gifted multimedia, laptops Chromebooks are equipped with fast ignition, and more software Google: spreadsheet, drafting of documents, calendar and much more! Not to mention their main advantage: an offer of storage in line more than 20 GB thanks to Google Drive, and a purchase from €199 price.

MacBook, laptop computer plugged

Available in two sizes, the MacBook is the laptop of demanding users! Ultra-portable MacBook Air or Macbook Pro powerful and versatile: you choose. Thanks to a wide variety of formats and configurations, laptops Apple bring you an ultra-comfortable operating mode, in a format ultra-hip from 11 to 15 inches.

With Apple’s OS X operating system, Apple laptops are known for their independence, as well as the stability of their system. With an application store like Windows computers, it is always easier to install and use software! A system special with its own advantages, and recognized for its ease of use.

Laptops for Gamer

The ideal compromise between power and portability! Finished the imposing boxes hidden under the desk, gamer laptops have maximum power. Games but also video editing software or complex editing, their features are ready for any task entrusted to them!

Built in compact or formats giant, from 14 to 17 inches, laptops of player will satisfy lovers of games without limits!

The characteristics of portable computers: how to compare?

Laptops, beyond their appearance, their weight or their finesse, have all of the features that are based on the same criteria. It will be possible to do a quick comparison between two or three models of your choice, and fall for the most suitable!

Here are the components to be compared on a laptop:

  • Processor: it is in charge of the operations performed by your laptop computing.It is powerful, the more your computer will be able to quickly perform a retouching, editing. It also lets you perform many tasks. If you often use your computer for multimedia use (other than watching movies), remember to take a computer a little muscular!
  • The graphics card: today, the graphics card to a computer is either integrated directly into the processor, be integrated next.External graphics cards for laptop to play demanding video games, while integrated graphics(Intel HD) the processor are ideal for Office Automation, and efficient energy.
  • Live RAM, or memory. It allows to temporarily store your games and software when the computer is turned on.More you open windows or use powerful software, the more need you! 4 GB is a minimum for multimedia use, 8 GB is recommended for advanced photo editing or video editing operations, for example.
  • Storage: HDD or SSD are different technologies, each with its advantages.HDDS have a large storage capacity, from 500 GB. The SSD from 64 GB on laptops, offer little storage but are fast and allow you to turn on your computer in a snap and open games and applications in seconds. You can see between speed and ability!

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