LED Flashlight Battery Types

When buying a LED flashlight, must be evaluated many items of choice. This can be the distance up to the light, or you can choose a flashlight to his degree of impermeability or in consideration of the batteries used.

The torch in order to work, it needs batteries. There are two different dipologie of flashlights, those who use rechargeable batteries and those that work with traditional batteries, i.e. non-rechargeable batteries.

Of course the choice depends exclusively on the use you intend to make. If the LED flashlight, occasionamlente should be used at home or in the car to cope with critical situations, then it should be fine even torches with normal batteries.

Rechargeable batteries or disposable?

Disposable batteries are perfect in the case that the torch is used sparingly, because you download in a very long time and therefore are particularly reliable in these cases, even when not in use for weeks. Probably, in fact, it will be difficult for you to download even after months of standstill. We recommend, however, to check every now and then the battery status, to avoid leaking acid contained in it and that can damage the contacts of the torch.

When the LED flashlight must be used daily for work, then it is definitely better to buy a flashlight with rechargeable batteries.

In fact, the rechargeable batteries are a very important investment initially cost more than regular batteries, but the more time passes the more this goes to cover costs, since you won’t have to buy spare batteries continuously.

Normally the LED flashlights that have rechargeable batteries according to dictfurniture, recharging by connecting directly to a wall outlet without the need to remove the internal battery.

All that glitters is not gold!

Unfortunately, with the widespread dissemination of the rechargeable batteries, it is easy to find on the net about some particularly attractive deals but, alas, they hide some pitfalls. We do not recommend to buy batteries 18650 declared high ampere (4,500m/Ah type) to prices realised: it is not possible and the trick there. This is bogus and extremely dangerous batteries, to be avoided. Always keep in mind that 18650 batteries have a peak power of 3400mAh. This is to let you know that if you ever see on the internet offerings of batteries with higher amperage, it’s probably fake models with data that does not correspond to reality.

These batteries retain more “surprises”, as they often are also extremely light, perhaps because inside there is nothing! Authentic 18650 batteries weigh about 45 grams. Please keep this in mind the next time you buy a rechargeable battery!

As last advice when buying a torch I tell you to choose the one most suited to your needs, and not necessarily the most expensive or the most beautiful!