LED Lighting For the Garden

Whatever the size and configuration of your garden (presence of a terrace and / or a swimming pool, existence of one or more paths, etc.), its highlighting is an essential exercise to create a successful nightlife while not forgetting the purely practical.

LED Lighting for the Garden

I have a small garden

The Led-et-design.com solution: “For small gardens, we offer simple lighting solutions to create a strong personality. Play with contrasts and colors will give you a mad desire to spend your evenings in the moonlight. “(Celine Coelho)

Spot picket COB cool white and RGB 230, “a spot to plug directly into the 230V through his grip and bite on the floor. The new version is equipped with a LED COB and provides a powerful and pure light. The multi-color RGB version is equipped with a radio frequency remote control. Pressure and you change the color of the lighting. Also, in winter, if you wish, your stakes spots can be used indoors, directly into a flower pot, for example. ”

I have a pool

Led-et-design.com the solution: “The pool of edge lit a summer evening is a pleasure you will never get tired. Using waterproof recessed spotlights, you realize a perfectly secure facility for rendering impeccable. “(Catherine Rocheteaux)

Downlight 12V or 24V waterproof “Specially designed for pool surrounds, our range of low-voltage recessed spotlights provides both a simple design (stainless steel finish) and build quality flawless.Completely waterproof (IP67), this LED spotlight arises both on a first wooden pool in concrete (special concrete holding pot included). With a full range, you can choose from two sizes (28 or 144 LED), and 2 power level (12 or 24V). ”

I have a wooden terrace or tiled

The Led-et-design.com solution: “A terrace, even small, is an important showcase. Favoring discreet lighting, built directly on the ground, you can create a truly elegant atmosphere. “(Catherine Rocheteaux)

Spot Waterproof LED 230 recessed: “One of our best sellers. LUMIHOME® these spots are available in 2 sizes: 28 or 144 E27 LED bulbs (buy an E27 light bulb on http://www.ledbulbbay.com/buy/e27-led-bulbs/) and 2 colors: cool white or RGB Radio frequency remote control. Their finish stainless marries all styles and terrace provides extra durability. Sold with an installation sleeve for concrete terraces, they easily arise. “