Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings

Yes so the legging, is the most well-known,’s done it. Regarding the tregging, it is the same thing but hotter, thicker and rarely cotton. It is trendy this winter leather or (half-tone). Seen on all the stars and all the podiums. So if we avoid the total black leather look, and that you wear with boots Suede, a white t-shirt and a gray oversize vest, there ‘ a chance to have look great in the shot. But the tregging is also gold, silver leggings, Sequin, sequined, in wool, patterns leopard or Zebra, in short it’s the leggings in all its forms, in all these combinations of materials and patterns. He is more daring but can really be hot when worn with a dark outfit. And if you want to be even more connected, it’s at American Apparel that you will go buy it because there it’s like who would say the empire of the legging and the tregging. There are a range of impressive colors, and for a side disco, you will find in all the colors of blade (red, Fuchsia, gold, silver, black, glitter, etc). You will find your happiness there necessarily.

Now, finally, the jeggings, the youngest born more recently. So, little lesson, the jegging is a way jean leggings. As I’ve explained previously it is often what we put in the boots to avoid the bourlets of tissue. It is cotton or strech and looks like (but rarely matter) John. Do not look back pockets, we are talking of the jegging with basic jeans. It’s just to pretend under a long sweater. It is becoming increasingly etle English store TopShop sells online a multitude (black, gray, washed-out, raw blue, ‘tie and dye’, etc). And I can tell you that Beyonce is a fan of the jegging.

Finally, and before judging the aesthetic effect that may be questioned by some, try it, you will see, his comfort is that you can not leave. And I’m speaking of this new generation of boxers, since I never left for three years already. It goes with everything, it is comfortable and ultra practice. And no need to cover shame by opening the button of his jeans after a somewhat too heavy meal: the legging in all its forms will fit even your stomach throughout the day!… The big plus of the legging is that it is, from now on, hot even to you gentlemen, under a jeans or pants, and why not only with a big Cardigan in wool oversize if you dare. Whatever it is, has your choice: leggings, tregging or jeggings, be molded and trend.