Lenovo Launches a Selfie Blitz

Who has not had problems with taking under poor lighting conditions selfies? Selfie Flash is ready for the rescue.

Lenovo addresses the real problems we go and have in everyday life. After his hand have all primary cameras a small LED flash so you can take great pictures even though there are poor lighting conditions, but it helps, of course, not something to be taken selfies with the camera on the front.

Lenovo stands poised to help with this problem, they have created a selfie blitz. The full product name is Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash and Phandroid has taken a small look at the device at this year’s CES, their hands-on video can be seen below.

3.5 mm plug is inserted into the Flash on any Android device and is either on or off-the “blitzer” so not. There should be enough power for 100 selfies after which the battery needs charging with the included micro-usb adapter.