Lenovo Lets You Write with Everything on the New Tablet

CES2015: There were new products from Lenovo, but perhaps the most exciting is that you can use a pencil as stylus.

If you need to write on your touch-screen, so you must use your finger, or you out and invest in a special pen, or stylus. That is not the case anymore with Lenovo’s AnyPen technology, which lets you write on a touch screen with everything with a graphite or metal-tip.

This means that you can take your ordinary pencil and then write loose on the touch screen. It is especially useful if you have to write the notes down, and there’s not so much space to give.

The technology comes along with Yoga Tablet 2, there is an 8 “Windows 8.1-tablet, and as becomes latest member of Lenovo Yoga 2-family.

Lenovo could also present the two Android tablets Loss 2 A7-10 and A7-30. The two are almost identical, with the exception of 3 g in A7-30, which also has 16 GB of storage from 8 GB in A7-10 and a slightly better processor. Both models are from MediaTek processor with 4 cores at 1, 3 GHz, and both models have also 1 GB of RAM.

Together with the new tablets showed Lenovo also more laptops in Yoga-series above, in the form of both Lenovo Yoga 3, there now exists in both an 11 “and 14” Edition and so ThinkPad Yoga. ThinkPad Yoga is now available in both 12 “, 14” and 15 “.