Lenovo Says Goodbye to the Motorola Brand: Short Line Only Bikes and Vibe

Was in the air for some time and already a few months ago we talked about the possible abandonment of the Motorola brand from Lenovo. Now, on the occasion of the CES 2016, it’s officiality and our Richard has already anticipated in part the thing in the video preview ofProject Tango.

Basically Lenovo decided to “turn off” the brand Motorola and by 2016 will no longer marketed product Motorola but everyone will be Lenovo branded. Actually something will remain and in particular will be implemented two main product families:

  • series Vibe, economic and market with a focus on the Chinese market (it is possible that China could reach higher-end Vibe). The series Vibe anyway will come to Europe and not only but will not replace the range of motorcycles at the high end but only in the short one.
  • Motorcycle series,dedicated to the international market and also including high end smartphone and top range. Lenovo will keep the iconic M icon on the device even though you may not see the inscription Motorola.

The implementation of these changes will start this year but it is said that motorcycle and 2016 and Moto G 2016 may be already part of this new policy. In case they might become Vibe in our country.

Motorola official statement:

“Motorola Mobility continues to exist as a company of Lenovo and is the driving force of design and design for all our mobile products. However, as part of our product, we will use a dual brand strategy branding for smartphones and wearable devices, by continuing to use, bikes and Vibe globally. “

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