Lenovo Yoga 900 in the Test

The yoga of 900 Lenovo proves to be versatile in the test. We reveal why the Lenovo notebook with Tablet functionality is more than an average device.

That yoga is not any 08/15 notebook 900, one notices when unpacking, strongly resembling the unboxing experience familiar from top smartphones already. And indeed, the smart convertible is anything other than an average device. The yoga of 900 is the high end version of Lenovo series. The notebook too except maybe at the dimensions and the weight, but not in equipment and processing – top is however also the price.

First is the classy-looking matte finish – available in the shades of gold, silver, and orange – as well as the robustness of the device. And the original design of the hinge that connects the base of the yoga of 900 with the display. Lenovo calls it “Watch strap optics”.

And so it looks: the made over 800 items, painted in colour of casing steel aluminium anyway, ensures that the 360-degree rotating device at any angle can be stable position. Also acoustically imperceptible fans of the device are also hidden in the hinge. Also the 13.3-inch we liked multi touch screen, which provides a brilliant picture in QHD (3200 x 1800 pixels), as well as the comparatively rich interface equipment belongs also a faster USB CAnschluss.

The disadvantage of variable combination units, usually, is that one must make compromises in any application mode. Not so with the Yoga 900: no penalty accept are at least in notebook mode. The device has a full keyboard with function keys and lighting. Only the button layout is getting used to the part. Is the display is turned completely to the base unit, it is located in tablet mode. Because the keyboard does not dismount the device is relatively heavy and thick – at least compared to ‘normal’ tablets -.

That other convertibles apply here even more starkly, the inherent problem of reason alter. In addition, that the keyboard is exposed on the back in tablet mode. From an angle of 190 degrees, she will be disabled while, yet is not for everyone. In mode, however, the base becomes the handy Tablet holder.

As befits a top model, Lenovo has processed only finest ingredients also under the hood. These include Intel’s new top processor, the core i7 of the sixth generation (“Skylake”) with 2.5 GHz, 8 GB of memory and a 512 GB SSD memory. The latter is available also with 256 GB, which reduces the need for investment to around 100 euros.