Levante Swimwear for Summer

Other proposals for swimwear? Here is the line designed by Sun for the ‘summer 2011, another interesting collection especially for the choice of colors and patterns, all course members to the fashions of the moment they see the predominance of impact colors like fuchsia and more vivid colors and youth, in short, the reasons that you will certainly not go unnoticed on the beach! Levante think a collection dedicated to both girls to older women, two of its lines: the Trendy more youthful and Lady, elegant and refined. Let’s look together!

The collections from the more youthful cut proposals this year were undoubtedlythose made ​​by Miss Sixty and Killah, leading brands in the field of colorful fashion and glamor, while a more sophisticated cut is what Parah has tried to give to his collection, equally rich, with models from cut-out details beautiful. Levante thinks his lines in compliance with the must-have of the moment, so you will find online in Trendy bikini, two-piece triangle, a belt or with cups and push-ups, in coordinated with shorts or briefs, depending on your tastes, fantasies ranging from those Hawaiian and geometric patterns or even denim. for the Lady line instead Levante thinks fit even for different sizes Curvy, always trendy fantasies in which they are the bright colors the must-have, a must in any collection this year.

Proposals for all tastes, in short, there is plenty of choice! Visit http://www.lawschoolsinusa.com/2016/03/28/tankini-swimsuits-are-practical-yet-stylish/.