LG Class in the Test

LG presents its first metal Smartphone with the class, which is still this very cheap with 249 euro. A chic bargain – or the Koreans in sensitive places have applied the red pen? The test shows it.

Long, LG has adorned, but now the Koreans also have a metal Smartphone portfolio. Not only the noble material ensures the class luminous eyes, is also the price tag: with 249 euro LG assaults the Smartphone middle class. Whether the class is the class? Let’s see what the tests show.

Elegant look is cool metal

The LG designers have created anyway, mightily in the stuff. Specifically in the front view, an independent look is managed the Koreans beneficial differentiates itself from the usual one-sided in this price class. The class is available in silver and gold, and absorbs the colour in his fine display outline. The flanks and the display cover made of Gorilla glass 3 are gently rounded, resulting in a 3D effect. This not only fantastic looks, but touches are also really good.

A unibody enclosure, as found in the premium class, offers the LG class but don’t: visible are two plastic covers on the back – for the antenna that is beneficial, because they can more easily penetrate plastic and keep in better contact to the mobile network. The laboratory measurements later. Like all models with metal housing to be sure even with the LG class to not unprotected to stow the Smartphone as well as the bunch of keys in the pocket or handbag – otherwise you must not have to wonder about scratches.

Fine display, simple operation

Before that, the 5-inch display with Gorilla glass cover is largely protected – unless one takes a hard object on the screen not just with violence. Otherwise I like the IPS screen with HD resolution and a brightness of up to 474 cd/m2. This feature allows the content that appear sharp and colorfast, easily read even in direct solar radiation.

Also features simple operation via the LG’s own user interface. You allows intuitive operation of the class without training and offers many customization options for the advanced user. These range from the icon on the main menu to am for display in the settings menu. Also the used font can be adapted.

Round facilities, good camera

The platform of the class comes from the category “Commoditized” – given the attractive price, not a high end processor was to be expected. So the four 1.2 GHz Qualcomm chip MSM8916 done here fast cores and 1.5 GB RAM his unobtrusive service. Hardcore gamers are not happy, but for the usual daily applications, the performance of the Android-5.1.1 – loose sufficient model. Since LG stand whopping 10.3 GB free of charge with 16 gigabytes of internal memory, of which the test device, shows quite generous. About a micro-SD slot on the side of the device, the capacity can be extended to up to 128 GB.

The remaining equipment moves on the usual middle-class level. So dominated the class quad-band GSM and UMTS, as well as the mobile data Accelerator LTE and HSPA +. Software side there are the known LG goodies: the device can be unlock by tapping on the screen, with the notebook Quick Memo + you can capture flashes of thought and memory support, the successful music player complete with hi-res audio playback and an FM radio with RDS function provide high quality acoustic entertainment.

Good camera

Properly put to the test however can the class with his 13-megapixel camera. It provides a really good image quality and even at weak illumination of the subject is still acceptable results during daylight hours. The camera equipment is up to date with photo light, brisk autofocus as well as HDR and panorama function. The front camera dissolves with lush 8 mega pixels and brings also an interval shooting next to a gesture and voice control, which facilitates the production of Selfie: the class shoots multiple shots in a row, from which you can then select the best self portrait. Both cameras take videos in full HD resolution.

Sovereign presence in the laboratory

Pending the results from our laboratory. Especially exciting: What is stamina? Because the LG class is nominally somewhat weak on the chest with his small 2050-mAh battery. But the fears have not come true: the endurance measurements are with over 20 hours of talk time in GSM mode and about seven hours in practical operation in the green zone. Only the UMTS talk time is below average with 5:40 hours.

Also at the transmitter and receiver measurements, there to report mainly positive. In the important LTE – and UMTS operating the class took the full score; It will not perfectly stable spark only in the GSM network. Even the acoustics are not entirely clear.


Anyway, the mission succeeded in any case: with the class LG has placed an attractive Smartphone in the middle class, that significantly more expensive looks than it actually is. A good catch, not only for bargain hunters.