LG G Watch R 2 4G

Smart watches are the most exciting new category in IT products for the current year. In recent months we have seen many prime ministers from various major manufacturers and the audience started to buy. The majority of the proposals relied on the connected smartphone to provide Internet and synchronized data of smart watches. A different route left only Samsung, whose extensive portfolio (5 smart watch and smart bracelet 1) allow scope for experimentation. Courageous step forward for Samsung called Gear the S, but the old “home” competitor could be that LG will offer him a rival.

This understanding of Korean business portal Business Korea, whose unannounced industrial sources of information claim that e likely LG to present G Watch R2 in the beginning of March 2015. That should have happened at the event Mobile: the World Congress, which will be held in the Spanish city of Barcelona from 2 to March 5th. The name of a product that we expect the successor of the original G Watch R, which should mean a circular design and Android Wear.

Information about the second generation is still minimal, but there are signs that will use 4G the LTE connection. That still does not make it a direct competitor to Samsung Gear S, which uses 3G connectivity (and WiFi). Then hastily giant may, however, has prepared an improved successor to Gear S.

4G connection would mean exceptional transfer speeds. We do not know what would be the use of such amounts of data, but we are in the beginning of the era of electronics to wear (or wearables).

The images are the original LG G Watch R and from the official website of searchforpublicschools.