LG G4: Infographic Shows Special Features In Numbers

Many numbers to the new flagship model: LG has released an infographic to the LG G4 which are above all the values of the hardware in the foreground. In this way, the company wants to stand out from the competition his Smartphone.

LG G4: Infographic Shows Special Features In Numbers

While the values are highlighted first and foremost by display and camera of the top smartphones. For example the first number, which is represented, so is the time that the user needs to launch the camera app: 0.6 seconds. Also the F1. 8 aperture is prominent in second place top on the graphics, along with the information that this allows up to 11 percent more light than an F1. 9-aperture – a swipe against the cameras of the competing Smartphones from Samsung.

Display And Storage Space

Also, LG will highlight the improvements of the LG G4 display compared to the predecessor of LG G3: the screen should therefore provide a representation of the colors improved by 20 percent, be 25 percent lighter and also 50 percent represent clearer contrast one.


LG seems also important to emphasize the memory options of the LG G4. So, internal memory with the size of 32 GB can be expanded up to 128 GB. Also users of smartphones to the lasting 15 GB for additional storage in the cloud-service Google drive two years 100 GB.

It is probably no coincidence that the processor in the graphic doesn’t show up: rumored LG has opted for cost reasons for the Snapdragon 808. If you want to know if the LG G4 keeps promise, numbers you can read our extensive review.