LG G5 in the First Test

That the LG G5 is a good Smartphone, was already clear in advance, but after the product launch at MWC 2016, then many are surprised. Design top, technology top, the battery is replaceable and the modular – Smartphone LG has landed a serious hit, that’s for sure now. But there is a problem. connect the G5 could already try, here is a first test.

The case of LG G5 consists entirely of aluminium, plastic strip for the antenna, as known from the iPhone or the Huawei Mate S, does not exist. A novel construction method, where you the components on the back – off were integrated camera and fingerprint sensor – without the use of an Insulating tape in the metal housing makes this possible. We will examine of course how this affects the radio characteristics of the LG G5, in the laboratory. A product manager in the conversation said that the reception for a metal Smartphone should be very good.

Go to the lab test of the LG G5.

LG G5 with dual camera and modular design

Broken is the smooth aluminum back of the G5 only by the circular fingerprint sensor, which also serves as a home button, and the camera unit, which consists of two lenses: one with normal focal length, the other with 135 degree wide angle hood – this is currently the widest angle for a Smartphone camera. 135 degree mark a perspective which extends about 15 degrees further than the field of vision of the human eye. So you can record more easily larger snippets of landscape, higher buildings or large groups, without having to remove more of the object. A finger tip on the screen allows you to switch between the two lenses, in special scene modes, both can be also interconnected.

The highlight of the LG G5 but is its modular design, which is reminiscent of Google’s project ARA. With the push of a button, the bottom left is as smooth and integrated unobtrusively into the metal frame that you hardly noticed him, you can pull off the area below the display from the housing and switch to the battery. You can change but also the entire underside, LG offers appropriate modules that extend the functionality of the G5. At MWC, the dickbauchige cam camera module was shown plus, which includes a two-stage trigger and a smooth zoom wheel and the Smartphone – the operation is at least – transformed into a proper camera. Also included is an extra battery with 1200 mAh. Plus cam should come parallel to the launch of the G5 in April in the trade, prices, LG made still no information.

The second module is shown on the MWC is in collaboration with bang & Olufsen developed (LG calls it HiFi plus). It’s a digital-analog converter, which plays music in 32-bit quality. It can used as a module in the G5 are both connected to any Smartphone or any PC as a separate Hi-Fi DAC. While other modules were not presented, but much more is possible, and LG is evident at the fair open to cooperation with other manufacturers. Here you can expect so much.

Stability problems the G5?

The modular design makes the LG G5, there is currently no market-ready Smartphone with a comparable functionality. But this concept at first glance seems so attractive, it is not free of risks. Because also the – processing outstanding typical of smartphones from Korea – can not obscure that the removable bottom is not very firmly connected with the housing. Whether it’s selling variant, cam plus, HiFi plus: all modules we could bend easily at the contact point, if they were connected with the G5, which begs the question, how stable is the construction of everyday. Even if LG improves the integrity of the casing to the production, such a design not on the stability of a closed body approaches.

Technically, the G5 plays with top, the LCD display shows pixel 5.3 inch 2560 x 1440, an always on mode ensures that time, date and notifications even when off screen will appear. The manufacturer using according to own a technique, which is similar to used in LCD TVs. While the memory of the screen driver, as well as the power management feature adjusts to, that the backlight illuminates only a small part of the entire display. LG explains that the always on mode consumes hourly 0.8 percent of its battery capacity – 10%, so a non-negligible proportion are however after a day locker.

Conclusion: Very far forward

The battery capacity of the LG G5 moves with 2800 mAh in the midfield, so no outstanding term expect. But a strong performance, because works inside the brand new Qualcomm top model Snapdragon 820, flanked by 4 GB of memory. Also deserves a mention of modern C plug, which can be inserted on both sides, and thanks to Qualcomm QuickSet batch 3.0 especially quickly recharges the battery – the technology is 45 percent more efficient than quick batch 2.0 dare LG here more than Samsung and Sony, which set 2016 on micro-USB. The Koreans not only prove that they want to play very far forward in this year. They have laid the foundations for this anyway with the G5.