LG Optimus G Comes to Our Site without 4 G Enabled

When LG’s newest 4 g phone Optimus G comes in stores at our site, it will be without the possibility of 4 g.

If you later this month at the country’s largest purchase LG Optimus G telecom company our site, it will be in the first place without the possibility to use the 4 g to network access from the smart phone.

The reason is the simple fact that our site, as the only Danish telecommunications company, has not yet opened for 4 g access in its network.

-“I can tell that the LG Optimus G haven’t enabled 4 g at launch in our stores. When we are ready to open 4 g network, customers will get a software update that enables the ability to use this net also, “says communications officer of our site Camilla Sebelius.

If a customer buys the phone with our site, but subsequently using it with another operator, 4 g will work without a software update.

LG has in several reviews had very positive words with on the road, for the new smartphone that without subscription, according to our site, some places can be purchased for less than 3,500 SEK.