LG Overtakes Samsung on the Edges

CES2015: Samsung Galaxy Note has the Edge, but they are bypassed by LG that doubling up

It was quite so revolutionary, when Samsung sent Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on the course who let one side of the screen to reach out over the edge-hence the name. It will not stand back from the home country rivals, and LG has therefore created a screen that tilts out of both.

At CES in Las Vegas, LG Display has shown this screen forward, so leaning out over both right and left side.
Technically, the LG, who make smartphones and it hits screens are not the same, but I wonder if there is going to be the LG on the phone, if it reaches mass production. However, there are no known plans to launch a phone with this screen.

The screen is 6 “high and has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels-a piece from Samsung’s variant. LG claims that the display has a contrast of 100,000:1 and can reach up to 300 nits of brightness with a thickness of 0, 7 mm including touch-part.