LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Review

We tried the Watch Urbane LTE, LG’s new smartwatch based on WebOS

Today has been officially opened MWC15 Barcelona and we found ourselves there to bring you all the news from the world’s biggest technology fair. This morning was busy, but gave us time to visit some of the most important stands that can befound in the MWC: Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, Microsoft and, of course, LG.

LG’s booth has been one of our main goals to reach the congress, as their newly presented Watch Urbane and Watch Urbane LTE well worth to take a look at depth.Despite the few models put on display, we were able to get hold LG G Watch R of the LTE version and confirm our good impressions to see it. No doubt we are facing a new benchmark in the world of smartwatch.

The first sensations to have it in hand are good, its box made of stainless steel brings strength to the device but also makes it surprisingly light. Being the LTE version, are three physical buttons on your side. The first of these enable us to access a menu of quick adjustments, the second will return to the home screen and off screen, and the third serves as the back button.

The Watch Urbane is perfectly suited to our wrist and classic and elegant appearance will go unnoticed among the much watches that we see daily. In addition, the variety of watchfaces offered by the device allow us to customize in depth, may opt for more conventional or lighthearted designs.

The WebOS operating system is not perfect, but provides some interesting insights

Surprisingly, LG has decided to offer two different operating systems for each version of smartwatch. Thus, if we opt for the standard Watch Urbane will have Android Wear, while if we do it with the LTE version we will WebOS . What does this new operating system to the experience of interacting with the smartwatch?

Like the Apple Watch, WebOS bet more by the power of applications and not so much contextual use as Android Wear. The home screen consists of a number of applications among which can glide like a roulette treated . The interface is simple apps, although on occasion is somewhat confusing to use.

The Watch Urbane LTE incorporates a large number of apps known as Telephone, Music, Contacts, Calendar or Messages . We also found an application dedicated to physical activity, although in our test the heart rate sensor has not been able to detect our pulse. However, yes we have known our-nothing alarming levels of stress.

In short, although we have to try more in depth, the sensations of this LG Watch Urbane LTE are positive and now must be the public who decide which operating system is best suited to him: Android Wear or WebOS.