LG Watch Urbane Android Wear Smartwatch

This is the version of the LG Watch Urbane without LTE and Android Wear by operating system

The first day of MWC has ended and with it we take stock of all developments and products that we could try. We must confess that we had a good time at the LG booth during the first day, not only because we had two major smartwatch to try-the Watch Urbane and Watch Urbane LTE-but because it has also been one of the liveliest far.

This morning we have shown our first impressions of the LG Watch Urbane LTE version with WebOS operating system. Now we bring you a quick review of his younger brother, according as how you look and appreciable differences between the two models. The first thing that caught our attention was the priority treatment that seem to have given to the version with LTE , as this had a long stand over 6 test models.

In order to test the Watch Urbane, LG has provided a small glass counter as we show in the images and use required permission from any of its employees. This has been the main reason why we could not have it for a long time on the wrist, or at least not all that we would have liked.

The sensations in the wrist are very similar to those you shared in the LTE version, because both have a box made of stainless steel and its dimensions are virtually identical. The main differences are found in the buttons-one versus three of the LTE-version and a slightly more pronounced frame . In addition, the Watch Urbane has two versions in gold and silver, while the other model is only in silver.

The Watch Urbane bet on Android Wear and therein lies all the difference to the version with LTE

In short, obviating the LTE connection and small aspects in the design, the big difference between the two lies in the operating system: Android Wear vs. WebOS. Watch Urbane found in the operating system of Google, one that we know quite well and that, a priori, should be guaranteed a more promising WebOS, a system being developed by LG own future.

On the other hand, LG has also sought to demonstrate the capabilities of the Watch Urbane to interact with the vehicle , and it brought a beautiful Audi has been the center of attention. In the small demonstration offerd, the employee used his smartwatch to check the status of your vehicle or send messages without taking his eyes off the road.

In the coming days we will try again to approach the booth and test the LG Watch Urbane (view http://www.hbbltd.com/lg-wine-smart-touch-screen/) more closely, although we are confident that these first impressions will help you to get an idea of ​​what you can find in one another smartwatch.