LG Will Experiment with G4

CES2015: at the Conference in Las Vegas has a LG-Chief said that there can be exciting things in store with LG G4.

There were welcomed LG G3, but it is not enough to get the Koreans behind to rest on Laurel leaves. At the big CES Conference in Las Vegas has one of LG’s bosses said that they want to experiment with the upcoming flagship.

It has emerged, according to Ken Hong, who has the title’ director of corporate communications at LG, has spoken with the our site.

“I think that we will experiment with our high-end phones. I think we are going to have it. No one wants to fall into a swoon over the G4, or whatever it will be called, just because they liked the G3, “says Hong.
There is not yet any details out and about the upcoming flagship from the Koreans, but with yesterday’s presentation of LG G Flex2, it is clear that it is not a company that is afraid of it.

“I don’t think there is the same loyalty on Android-the page as with iOS, so you will have to win every customer with your product,” says Ken Hong.