Lights with Wrappers for Cupcakes

This craft is very simple, you take a second and can give a unique touch to your meetings. This type of craft for adults can use it to decorate rooms of girls or young women, parties and all sorts of occasions without spending virtually no money.


  • Series of medium-sized led spotlights
  • Cutter or scissors
  • Wrappers for cupcakes decorated (Cup stock)


  1. cut a small x in the base of the cupcake wrapper so that your bulbs fit there.
  2. in each sheath Gets a focus of the series.
  3. you can adjust them by sticking a bit of tape on the outside of the capacillo.

This craft will take you no time and you’ll get a very nice and original result. Remember that the number of bulbs you use must have led floodlights so they do not become hot. Choose colors that are appropriate for the occasion and place your series in a place where the attention.