Lindos Dresses for Parties

Pictures of Lindos dresses for parties. If we use a single color dress, the question of how to combine it comes to us. The eye-catching and beautiful blue long dresses, whether marine, electrical or King, they are all colors generated a concern of not knowing accessories to combine better with blue color.

Shoes. The most important complements of a blue dress are the shoes. Especially the blue dresses can be combined with shoes nude or color skin, black, gold or silver shoes. Always try that shoes are not very bright and not too flashy.

Handbag. A time that you have chosen the appropriate shoes, look for bolus that adequately combines with the blue dress and the color of the shoes. Keep in mind, that the bag should be chosen the type of occasion or party, agree if it’s an event ceremony, I recommend that you choose a handbag. If the occasion is more formal use bold and large bags (see sample bags on

Jewelry. The jewels are also the perfect complements to wear an elegant blue dress, only opt for jewelry that are colored silver, gold and colorful, in addition you can use colored green, red and Fuchsia jewels or neon colors.

To choose silver jewelry and gold jewelry, we have to take into account the color of our skin. The jewels of gold colors, are essential for women who possess a warm skin. Women who have a colder tones skin, must choose the silver jewelry. Eye, jewelry should always match the shoes, mostly do not mix silver and gold.

Most suitable combinations with each color

White. The white color is the most used in fashion garments, it is a color that goes well with any other color, but is not a good idea to combine it with colors that are too light, such as the Green too light or the yellow very clear. Suits or white dresses, are appropriate for women and also men who live in tropical areas. Believe it or not, white makes a person look more chubby.

Black. Black is the best color to combine it with white color, with this combination would create a fashion look. In addition, black can also be combined with other colors, but with the colors too dark as night blue and dark brown. Black gives the look a touch of elegance and sensuality, also helps to lose weight. It is not advisable to dress in black every day, because you show that you are a serious person.

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Brown. The brown color is very difficult to combine with other colors, but looks very well combined with tones that are of their own color, as tones arenas, beige tones and earthy tones. Brown is mostly recommended for women, it is a color that will help you look thinner. The men instead opting to Brown, must choose colors Blue or grey clothing.