List of Different Type of Pants

Long time no wardrobe cornerstones pair!

In previous post about I have dealt with jackets, shirts, bags and shoes. You can find all of the previous post on this topic on the right sidebar “wardrobe corner stones” link below. Pants, dresses, skirts, jewelry and other accessories are still pending and now it is time for the pants.

Skinny Jeans

I prefer when choosing a pair of jeans skinny model. In fact, I am not straight and I do not high-waist models friend, because your own body shape they fit best. My favorites are black skinny jeans. When they are not paired with black ankle boots, the illusion of long legs continue to be emphasized. I prefer skinny jeans with little stretch. They are comfortable to wear and the small fluctuations in weight are not hurt pants, doing up buttons. Vila clothing chain, I’ve found myself the most suitable skinny-shaped stretch jeans.

It was then body template anything, almost each of us can be found in the closet of denim-colored jeans. A well-fitting blue jeans are an absolute cornerstone of every woman’s wardrobe, and the right to hunt the perfect model could easily take caused. Relaxed elegance of everyday life can easily when they are paired with a white collared shirt, belt and heels with effortlessly chic. My my favorite jeans basic ratio of Dsquared2.

In recent years, I am fond of colorful jeans. My wardrobe consists of the largely quite classic individuals, it is easy to get outfits that something more colorful jeans. We went year color blocking trends on took me completely with it and bought hot pink Zara jeans were a big summer favorite. If they still fit into, dress them right away on me this summer. After all, in the neon colors;)

Formal Trousers

Work is safer to choose formal pants. Sure, dress rules vary widely in the sector / jobs depending on, but if in doubt – choose straight leg pants suit. Blacks are classics, but if you tend anyway to scrape together a wardrobe full of this “color that goes with everything”, then choose beige or gray. They are year-round and suitable for all colors also with almost everything.
The spring when the color scale changes to a lighter and sunnier days there are wonderful delve into the closet after the winter white pants. In fact, I use winter white pants. Seems to be the summer them completely, because their conditions are almost impossible to keep white.


Shorts tend to prefer light colors, as they will be during the summer months, however, used the most. However, changes in the summer autumn shorts will receive a couple of months more usage, wear thick black tights under. When a couple of houses them with black tights, a pair of shorts is a good idea to keep the base color black or other very dark colors.

I like the classics denim shorts (pair the shirt with stripes for a breath of sea spirituality) and a khaki-colored shorts. Almost every year there is a safari theme in the fashion world (including this year), and these shorts are easy to get ready for the combined outfit in the desert.

In the back of my thoughts of the cornerstones of the wardrobe which pants should be. From my my closet is missing the above mentioned yet denim shorts. In the near future I will present to you seen my credit pants formula.