Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad and iPad Mini

New Logitech Keyboard Folio for both iPad and iPad mini-view price and availability here.

Logitech has just announced an expansion of their product line for the tablet accessories in the form of Logitech Keyboard Logitech Keyboard Folio Folio and Mini, which is designed to ensure the user’s tablet and screen as well as give personality.

-“The goal of the new Logitech Keyboard Folio was to take the writing experience from Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and add an extra layer of protection,” said Mike Culver, who is vice president of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech.

Logitech Keyboard Folio connects to the user’s iPad via Bluetooth and should give the same feeling as the traditional full-sized keyboard with function shortcuts for iPad. That also helps to overcome the limitations imposed by an on-screen keyboard provides.

Keyboard Folio, like Smart Cover instant on-off function, which with magnets seeking to turn on or off the iPad when it opened and closed respectively. Included also a hands free stand, which has two angles to choose from, providing the perfect position for the iPad.

Logitech Keyboard Folio will hit stores in april for a suggested price of $899 dollars inclusive of VAT, while Logitech Folio will cost 699 dollars inclusive of VAT. You can read more about the products here.